How to Attain Perfection According to Buddha

Buddha focuses on ethical conduct and righteousness. According to Buddha, an individual in order to attain perfection must be ethically right. In other words, ethics is the key to success in life. The meaning of success is not limited to material success alone but an all round success in which a man attains perfection in thought, conduct, learning and achievements.

Object Lesson – Candy Corn Choices

How do we decide what things are good for us in our Christian life? The most difficult decisions are often not between what is good and bad, but between what is permissible and what is beneficial to us.

Emperor Constantine and Christianity Born of the Catholic Church He Established

The evil of Constantine lives on in the religions he was responsible for when he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD. He is identified in the bible as both the Amorite and 666.

God Heals for Free Without Money, Buildings, Go-Betweens, Idols, Commitments or Anything Else

When one knows the power of the Spirit then the rest comes easy. The voice within is the guide and the feelings of tingles, warmth, goose-bumps, or other pleasant sensations is definitely the result. Listen to the little voice and you might even get a cold feeling running through you. That is because spirit is cold. Who has not felt the hairs stand up on the back of their neck when they see or hear something? That is also the Spirit witnessing the truth about what you have learned.

Butterfly Metamorphosis

Butterflies are beautiful. I especially like the monarch butterflies that get their nourishment from nectar contained in my lantana bushes. As I observe these amazing creatures as they flit from flower to flower, I often reflect on the fact that they have not always been as beautiful and free as they are now.

Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Ears have been blocked and eyes blinded by brain-washing generals of religious organisations. The time has arrived for the wall that hides the truth to disappear so that the real God can be seen as the fog lifts.

Reincarnation Is A Fact That Is Buried By Religious Idealism

Reincarnation and return to life has brought everyone back who have lived. That is the reason for the massive overpopulation today. It is also the secret of God that was hidden.

I Will Break The Assyrian In My Land, And Upon My Mountains Tread Him Underfoot. Isaiah 14:25

There is much confusion between the New and the Old Testaments because the emphasis changed from that of the Spirit to that of the three headed male god of the Vedic Trinity. In the end it is determined that the matter will be corrected and the two beasts of Revelation will be exposed allowing the wall of secrecy to fall.

We Stumble at Noon Day As in The Night – We Are in Desolate Places As Dead Men – Isaiah 59:10

These words only make sense through a vision given to me of the day of the lord. It came in the form of a line that reached far into the distance. Suddenly a bright light, like the sun, appeared where I was standing and it arched over it to the far end.

Heaven Is the Power Behind Terrorism

My experience of reincarnation demonstrated that heaven and hell are non existent myths for power and control. They have their origin in sun-worship and they invoke terrorism and wars.

I Will Ascend Into Heaven, I Will Exalt My Throne Above The Stars of God: Isaiah 14:11

The son of perdition is described in many places in the bible but his identity was hidden until now. We have reached the end of his time when the truth is allowed to be known.

The Emotion Called Anger

All of us have sometime or other ventilated a barrage of words and expressions that have caused our peers, and even family members to retreat to a place of safety. Is it normal for a follower of Christ to express anger?

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