“I CAN SEE THE FACES OF PEOPLE!!!” – Blind Woman Receives Her Sight!!!

What Is the Best Kabbalah Bracelet to Buy?

It can be quite daunting to shop for a Kabbalah bracelet. With hundreds of designs and prices ranging from $20 to thousands of dollars, here is what you really need to know before buying.

Feast of Tabernacles Message

For people having a special Feast of Tabernacles gathering or dinner here is a nice message that I like to use. It’s brief, captures the main points and doesn’t keep people too long from eating.

Jesus’ Home Life – Now Revealed

Most Christians do not bother about Jesus’ home life, the so-called hidden years of Jesus in Nazareth. They think that what is important for them is his public life, the last 3 to 4 years of his life when he preached, taught, suffered and died. They do not realize that Jesus’ hidden life or home lie is as important as his public life to us. Why is this?

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged – Does The Bible Leave It At That?

One of the most commonly quoted passages of the Bible, mainly by people who have never even picked up a Bible to begin with, is Matthew chapter 7 verse 1 where Jesus Christ states: “Judge not, that you be not judged.” Many people who have never read the Bible before will quote this in the face of Christians who are condemning others for particular sins. However they never seem to look past this statement into the following verses which explain very clearly what Jesus means when he says this. Let us look into what this verse really means, by examining the context.

Ten Tips for a Church Financial Crisis

It is not easy to face a church financial crisis. Here are ten tips that will help you manage yourself through the crisis: 1. Remind yourself that this crisis is likely “about” more than money.

Religion and Cloning

Cloning is becoming an increasingly important subject in the modern world.  The biggest breakthrough in cloning was when Dolly the sheep was cloned.  After the success of cloning sheep, more effort was put into human cloning.

Where Are You God?

I believe it is a great tragedy for us not to be able to enjoy life to its fullest in this present moment. Sadly to say, many of us are waiting for others, or circumstances to change before we feel we can enjoy our lives. This unfortunately holds us captives by people and conditions.

To Be a Jew Is to Remember

To be a Jew is to remember, among other things. We remember once and again the vertical dimension in God’s Creation, to recognize that we are just human and not all mighty, understanding our limits and vulnerability.

Divine Wisdom Towards a Change of Psyche

What this man, the Lord Jesus accomplished for mankind there on Calvary, no philosopher, no artist, no musician, no writer could do it. Only He can save the souls of men, both great and small. He alone can break the enslaving chains of sin and satan. It is only Him that can speak His lasting peace to the human heart, strengthen the weak, and give real life to those who are spiritually dead (Read Eph. 2: 1, 2). The import of the above tends to narrate those fumaroles of his tender wisdom as an everlasting sacrifice unsurpassed by that of blood of Abel. The Calvary story and its wisdom is a story of love, a love that can never be fathomed.

The Truth About KJV Bible

King James Bible is one of the most trusted translated versions of the holy bible. The Christian believers of English speaking countries read and listen the audio of KJV Bible.

The Trinity – Where Did the Doctrine Originate?

The doctrine of the Trinity has been part of the Christian faith for almost 2000 years. Although the doctrine was officially formulated into a creedal statement in AD 325, its roots go back to the writings of the New Testament and to the teachings of Jesus.

Grace and Not Works!

At times it feels as if I was living on a dream, in a surreal world created just for my imagination. And then come moments like this, pockets of opportunity to bring about the expression of God’s magnificence, and of His infinite love for His creation, and reality sets in and a beautiful warmth and understanding sit in my heart.

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