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Salvation – Obstacles, Roadblocks and Stop Signs

Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of people about their quest for faith and salvation. It is amazing to learn the number of stories where obstacles, roadblocks and stop signs hindered them from having a satisfying experience of faith. I thought it might be good to share some of these “roadblocks” and see if they ring any bells in your spiritual memory. For the sake of this brief article I will lump all under obstacles.

Secret, You Say?

Why the persisting of this idea that there is a secret coming of Jesus, seven years before His ultimate return? How secret can the sounding of a trumpet be?

Government Overspending Does Not Make Biblical Sense

Clearly, we are in a recession. This recessionary period does not only impact the United States, but other nations as well. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is.

Christian Community – Spreading the Message of the Almighty

Poised on the threshold of a new dawn, we have already welcomed a new era – an era that can be realized through measures that bring like minded people together. We have already sprouted the flower of friendship, brotherhood and love – a Christian websites with options of discussion boards, community portals and forums. These sections have attracted a large number of individuals with matching ideology and though process.

All About LDS Books and Mormonism

Perhaps you have heard of LDS books and wondered what they are. What they are is a series of books that are used by the Mormon church as a teaching tool with the most commonly known one known being The Book of Mormon. However; it must be pointed out that Mormons do read the bible and are in fact Christians.

The Role of Angels in Christianity

Angels are disembodied spirits, immortal as our souls. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Day of Guardian Angels on 2nd of October as well as the day of Saint Michael the Archangel and the Holy Angels on 29th September. St Michael was the commander of the God’s army of angels against the forces of Satan.

Post Boredom

After I died things began to get complicated. I had assumed, in life, that there was no such thing as an afterlife, that it was just a fearful hope of all living humans that there would be some sort of continuation and that, if there was, it would be better than life itself. But in my wildest imagination I never figured that there would be this much paperwork.

Are People Allowed to Pray For Others in the UK?

It seems that in the UK people have moved from religious intolerance (where certain religions are more prominent than others) to intolerance of religion (where no religion is tolerated). This emphasises the fact that our thoughts are more powerful than any action that is taken in the name of any religion. We have no understanding of our own power and believe that superficial pettiness is power.

Explorations Into the Nature of God

I have held an abiding love for the metaphorical Aristotelian imagery of God, compared to that of a beautiful woman. ‘God’, says Aristotle, ‘moves the world as a beloved object moves the lover’.

Where Do We Find God’s Good and Perfect Gifts?

This article forthrightly deals with America’s bad foreign policy tactics and relationships, with our one-sided commitment to only one nation whom we support each and every day with millions of hard-earned US taxpayer dollars. It sounds a most timely warning to indifferent Americans today of the trouble we are now in, and what we must do to straighten out our bad foreign policy matters.

Anarchy – What is it and How Does it Impact Orthodox Thought and Behavior?

The Anarchist Society identifies Biblical Patriarchal Authority as their number one enemy. This includes par­ents, employers, religious leaders, civil authorities, political authorities, etc. Liberation Theology has attempted to rephrase Christianity by using the Barthian ar­gu­ment that God does not exist apart from His actions.

Agnostics – Who Are They and What Do They Believe?

There are two contexts to this word that are generally understood. One makes reference to those who believes that it is impossible to know anything for a certainty, and particularly whether or not there is a God.

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