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The Urban Missionary

When we think of missionaries we usually think of someone out in a tropical jungle, wearing kakis maybe, speaking a foreign language and surrounded by little native children. Granted, there certainly have been many a notable missionary who has served in a foreign country, in a remote location, and greatly impacted the natives by building schools and hospitals.

How a Missionary Makes a Difference

Everyone who goes into chooses missionary work as their vocation, either part time or full time, is aware of the sacrifice. Sometimes, beyond knowing that God has called you, it can be helpful to know how your sacrifice is actually making a difference.

How One Becomes a Missionary

Many people have a great desire to “give back.” Some people are able to satisfy that desire by participating in or donating to various charities, churches and other organizations that bring assistance and relief to those in need. For others the desire is much more compelling, and calls for a higher commitment. One way some people are able to satisfy this urge is by becoming a missionary.

The Divine Conqueror in You – Subduing the Kingdom of Darkness in Your Territory

The article discusses the power and authority of the Christian believer. He or she must trust in the divine conqueror within to overcome the threats and intimidation of the kingdom of darkness.

Worship From An Alabaster Flask Part 2

Why was the worship given by a woman with the Alabaster flask spark the controversy that brought Judas to start thinking of selling Jesus. what made her worship be recorded in history and until today we still speak about her offering to God. That is what this article is all about…

Friends Forever!

Can you see the awesome work God worked in you and for you? You are appointed so that you can’t be disappointed in the course of bearing fruit. You were once a servant but now are upgraded and called a friend.

Struggling With Where to Start Reading Your Bible? Try a Bible Study, It Worked for Me

Struggling with where to start reading your Bible? A Bible Study just might be the answer to your prayer, it was to mine!

Demons Are Like Cockroaches

Deliverance ministry is the “driving out” of demons. How many demon spirits can a person have? Do they always know the names of the spirits? This article details our experience with these issues.

Simple Church – Understanding the Eternal Security of the Believer

The eternal security of the believer is the greatest testimony to the efficacy of the cross of Christ. Therefore, an assault on the eternal security of the believer is, in effect, an assault on the efficacy of the finished work of Christ. Moreover, any doctrinal position with regard to the security of the believer which takes into account human merit (in any sense and to any degree) presents an anthropocentric (man-centered) view of the atonement and diminishes the efficacy of the cross.

What the Bible Has to Say About Sickness

Many times, people forget that they can prevent themselves from becoming sick. This is because there is a very strong dependence on doctors today. reading the Bible, there are Scriptures, that tell us we can they were sickness, if we follow the commands of God.

Will You Choose To Stay Or Go Back?

As born-again believers, we’re faced with a daily choice of either staying in faith and following Jesus or going back to the world. God gives us the grace to stay faithful, but it’s up to us to walk out on that grace. It’s a matter of free will.

Decline of Christianity in North America

Statistics say that organzied religion seems to be declining in America. Yet, many churches are experiencing rapid growth. Are the statistics accurate or is something else going on behind the scenes that will shape the spirituality of the nation for decades to come.

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