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Christians Are Blessed With All Spiritual Blessings

Ephesians 1:3 read blessed be God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. This scripture did not say that we will be blessed, we are already blessed with these blessing, so why are Christians living below God’s standard for them? I believe that there are several reasons.

The Church And Its Significance

What is the Church? What is its significance to the Believers’s life? Is it a place of assembly that dictates one’s regular attendance?

Discovering Calvin

I was a bit amazed to discover how much I actually believe of Calvin’s ideas. The reason of course is that, as Spurgeon said, Calvinism is simply Bible. Oh, not exactly, of course, but amazingly close. I invite anyone who has heard negative thoughts about the Sovereignty of God, to check it all out more carefully.

Why Is There So Much Violence?

I need to handle this issue sensitively, as many people are suffering daily as a result of some kind of violence or other – domestic abuse, social celebration spiralling out of control, late night assaults, gun violence, murder, rape, gangland feuds, women and children exposed to extreme violence in war-torn areas and so on. These are a just a few of the many types of aggressive behaviour we see spilling into our world; it seems, with increasing frequency. But why is this happening, and why is there so much? These are serious questions to which I will try to respond.

Meet an Arminian

Is it right for Christians to write off all those on the “other side” of a religious controversy? Not at all. This article looks at a controversy that has waged within the Christian Church for ages! Called Calvinism on one side and sovereignty on the other, it has actually formed denominations. Here’s an introduction to the matter.

What Kind of Christian Are You?

Believers must closely examine their lives to see what kind of Christians they really are. The parable of the sower can help us to take that sobering look at our lives. In this article, we will look at four different kinds of Christians. Ultimately, God wants all Christians to be fruitful Christians, but we can too easily settle for inferior substitutes.

The Trial and Triumph of Faith

Faith is simple. It always has been and always will be. Faith is tested by the holy acquisition of grace – the ‘God gift’ at the surrender of our pathetic will. Faith is nothing without it; everything with it. When faith takes to the dock it relies on grace in order to testify truthfully – not an iota out of keeping with a wholesome integrity; a divine dignity.

My Sheep Hear My Voice! (A Sermon on John 10:22-30)

Why do we expect rationality to shift someone in their thinking when rationality didn’t lead them to adopt their position in the first place? People hold to their beliefs – especially religious beliefs – for a variety of reasons, and no good argument is going to change someone’s life unless that person wants to change and unless the Spirit of God is at work within that person’s heart!

New Age: What Went Wrong

Not as many people are into New Age now as there were in 1990s; and the main reason has been a large evangelizing campaign by the Christian Right. Their claim has been that New Age movement was about contacting demons, and that it was a work of Satan. I do not believe this to be the case; there was however a major problem with the New Age, and it is a problem I spoke of since mid-90s.

We Need To Keep Our Lamp Burning

Are you like the five wise virgins who keep their lamp burning with extra oil waiting for the bridegroom to come or are you like the foolish virgins that let their oil run out? I hope that you are like the wise virgins and are patiently watching for the return of the Lord.

What Mormons Believe 101

Mormonism is the fastest growing religion in the world. What do they believe?

Crucially Important Questions Have To Be Faced Until True Satisfactory Answers Are Received

What happens when people reject God? That is such an important question. Perhaps it is one of the most vitally crucial questions any man can ask. Not only does this apply to individuals but it also applies to nations and to governments, and, dare I say it, even to churches. Yes churches can reject Almighty God. Some certainly move away from His holy Word and that is the only revelation we have of the character and qualities of God. Where else can you find and discover and learn of the true nature of Almighty God? I keep using this phrase Almighty because that is exactly what He is God and if we lose sight of that then we lose sight of much!

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