“I don’t want to read the Bible”

Tips for Buying Books on Spirituality

While spirituality is a concept that has been around for years, it is one that majority of people are still trying to come to terms with. There are things that are not easy to understand and which require clarification from experts.

Real Christian? Not This Way!

Even with the decline of Bible-based Christianity in the West there are still many people who have inherited the idea that it’s “Christian” to be kind and honest and a loyal citizen, but anything beyond that – like holding strong beliefs, only produces religious fanaticism and an unbalanced mind. What do we make of this?

Beyond Laziness Is Blessing

Taking the initiative to go to church on a Sunday morning can be demanding for many of us. Some suggest that salvation, and not the works of faith leads to heaven. Therefore, since they can obtain forgiveness through a clean heart with God, they can safely avoid going to church. This is not true because faith and salvation are not supplementary concepts; rather they complement each other for a true Christian life. We derive spiritual, financial, physical, and emotional benefits from the bonds of fellowship. This is in addition to the emotional satisfaction of obedience to God’s instruction. No reward beats the life-changing epic of Christian conversion.

The Pivotal Point in History

Throughout my lifetime, I have been accustomed to seeing historical dates using BC – before Christ – and AD – Anno Domini meaning the year of our Lord. Although they have been around for a very long time, I have recently discovered an alternative to this dating: CE – Common Era – and BCE – Before Common Era.

Why Obedience Is Worship

Once I was asked you say that there is more to worship than just singing, dancing and music… Show what worship is without and beyond these words, Worship is also obedience in life and obedience to the word of God and what He is doing showing in the scriptures places of obedience and worship…

Words Do Hurt

You may have heard this saying, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Well contrary to popular belief that words does not hurt, that is not true because our words can hurt us.

Vile Bodies and Power Struggles In a Divine Setup

Some women think sex is dirty. The Bible says we have vile bodies, but could have glorious resurrected bodies. Why didn’t God give us glorious bodies right from the start? That Christ’s death was anticipated even before the creation implies that sickness and death in general were also anticipated. The earth is a setup in which rival celestial powers struggle for supremacy. Jesus, the second person of the Trinity, appeared on earth in a vile body. The vicious crucifixion of Jesus, inspired by Satan, demonstrated the devil’s true nature to the universe and will eventually lead to a general acknowledgment that God is just and true in his management.

How Could God Have a Mother?

The idea that the Great Creator could have a mother is absurd. Yet, many pray to Mary everyday as the Mother of God. It does not take a genius to work out what is going on here.

Think on These Things

Without the ability to think, none of us could function. Our bodies work because our brains tell them what to do although those who do not have control over their bodies can be productive if the thought processing part of the brain is still there.

Should Atheists Convince Theists That Their God Is Pure Superstition and Fantasy?

Not long ago, I was talking with an atheist about the problems which occur when an atheist and a theist get on the topic of the existence of god. He suggested that the atheist ought to be prepared for such an encounter. But, I ask why? Why try to reason with a superstitious soul? Nevertheless, the atheist stated he was rather passionate about convincing and converting believers into atheists in order to maintain the separation of church and state.

Do You Have Any Chains That Are Holding You Down?

There are many different forms of living in bondage other than being confined behind bars of iron in a prison cell serving out a sentence of several years. God wants to completely set you free from everything that might be a hindrance to a powerful life of service to Him. When He looks at you He sees what you are capable of becoming, not what you are right now.

Unbelieving John And The Weeping Jesus

Whenever one gives Scriptural interpretation that seems to go against traditional beliefs, the door of religious scrutiny will be opened. It is important that we acknowledge that God said what He meant and meant what He said, thus pluralistic view points of Scripture are not to be brought into question. What I want to address is the humanizing of God’s Word and thus the introduction of misinterpretation.

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