“I feel empty of all evil”

How You Can Be Useful For the Master and Prepared For Every Good Work

Everyone wants to be used by the Lord, and every person would like to arrive in heaven with treasure that did not get burned up by the fire. This is how you can do it. Read on…

All Who Desire to Live Godly in Christ Jesus Will Suffer Persecution – 2 Timothy 3:12

It does not matter who you are, if you want to be 100% for Jesus with your life, you will have mockers and you will experience persecution. Even if the West does not have a lot of persecution if you live for Jesus in all you do people will have a go at you. It is amazing how little it takes to start an argument.

Could it Be Possible That You Are God’s Enemy and Didn’t Know It?

Many people in the world, many millions in the Western church are committing spiritual adultery on the Lord Jesus. Not are they playing up on him, they are coming to church each week and praising his name, totally unaware of how upset he is with them. Most of them have a wolf as a pastor and they have no idea they are under false teaching.

How My Tears of Loneliness Led to My Salvation

For six months I had been a very sad boy around the age of eight years of age, until a child’s evangelist came to town. Read on. I was very young, I had a father that was quite an angry man and I lived with an older brother that liked to hurt me. I used to go to bed at night with my cat and talk to him and pat him and cry my eyes out.

So What Should We As Christians Really Be Content With?

Some of the reasons we have worry and stress in the modern Westerns life, is because we are expecting too much out of life and not being happy with what Paul admonished us to be happy with. We have only set the bar so high because we are coveting what others have and we are not content with what the Lord wants us to be content with. Read on…

Skipping Rope With Jesus – How I Do it and 6 Steps on How You Can Do it Too!

In the past three years I have been having a very hard and trying time with my mental illness. But then I learned how to skip rope with Jesus and live in joy and peace not matter how big the storm I am in. More…

The Gospel According to Sidney Roth

Sidney Roth grew up with a Jewish mother who defended him right or wrong. He failed and succeeded often until the day he prayed to escape his fear of death. Today he directs the Messianic Vision Press, PO Box 1918, Brunswick, GA 31521.

Have You Got Real Faith For Your Future – Or Only Religion?

So what is real faith brothers and sisters in Christ? Is what you have real faith, or is it just religion dressed up? Here is a short article about real faith.

We Endeavor to Persevere

Trials and tribulations are normally not something for which many people are excited. However, through these trials and tribulations arises the opportunity to grow closer to God. To lean on Him when things seem impossible. To truly know we do have a choice to be happy, no matter the circumstances, and know that God will see us through it all. And, He will never, never- no matter what- abandon or forget about us.

A Short Lesson on Turning the Other Cheek – With Stories That Show How it is Better!

It amazes me how many people that claim that Jesus is Lord of their life do not obey this command. Sometimes they turn to gossiping about the person that hurt them, sometimes they go to your pastor, and sometimes they plan and carry out revenge on you. Let’s have a look at this command that seems to be so hard for people.

How Did We Get the 66 Books of the Bible?

How did we get the books of the Bible as we have them today? Who made this decision? How and when?

Sound of Silence in Worship Leading!

As worship leaders we are very often afraid of silence when we are worship leading. We think it is “dead air”, we feel awkward and we don’t know how long it should last, if it should be there at all, and how we come out of a period of contemplative silence in worship leading.

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