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Communication With God

Do you ever wonder why God never answers your prayers? Well, it may be due to what we call “Anti-prayer elements”.

Mysticism With Gratitude

Throughout our lives we will be endowed with and vividly display our attitudes. We have to be attentive to this as it will always affect our mental as well as our spiritual lives. They will also seriously affect our physical well-being.

When Being Right Is Not Enough

Every good word has its time, its situation, and its audience. Ours is to discern the proper time and opportunity for every thought, word, and deed. That is discerning God’s will; that, too, is where humility is personified.

Give Thanks To God – Why?

Thanksgiving has a way of reviving your Spirit. When you give thanks you appreciate but when you are not thankful, you depreciate.

Did John the Baptist Start the Baptist Church?

I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church and was always led to believe that John the Baptist founded the Baptist Church. Well, it made sense: John was a “Baptist;” we were “Baptists.” So John must have started the Baptist Church, right? Yes, optimistic thinking at its best. Perception is, as they say, reality. Sometimes our perception and Truth are in opposition. And, sometimes, we find out the hard way.

Christmas Is for Pagan Worship Not for Christians

Today, people in Western-based cultures refer to December 25 as “Christmas.” However, a look into the origins of Christmas reveals its Pagan roots. Emperor Aurelian established December 25 as the birthday of the “Invincible Sun” in the third century as part of the Roman Winter Solstice celebrations. Christmas customs are an evolution from times long before the Christian period — a descent from seasonal, pagan, religious, and national practices, hedged about with legend and tradition.

How God Is Using Russia Toward the End-Times Treaty

Russia’s support of the Palestinian push for recognition by the U.N. goes beyond seeking a stronger foothold in the Middle East. Ultimately, this backing of the U.N. bid is God-directed toward the accomplishment of the end-times treaty revealed in Bible prophecy.

Seven New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make You Stronger

Halfway through January my mother suddenly died leaving my father alone. I was very close to my mother and her death hit me very hard. Six months later my wife of seventeen years left me for another person. I had to start my life all over again; find a new place to live and start my upholstery business in a brand new town. My dad still in the process of grieving begged me to move in with him because he hated living alone. Within a month of moving in with dad, I began to realize that my father had health issues.

Signs of the End Times

All over the world, there has been growing apprehension on the trend of current world events. So much has happened and continues to happen that baffle the intellectuals and drive the simple to increased search for spiritual answers. These happenings are not only limited to natural and man-made disasters, they also include the growing uneasiness towards world economic drift, which directly or indirectly result in desperate political moves both by individuals, families right up to various administrative units and countries.

What Makes For A Jewish Story?

Can literature be Jewish if the author is not Jewish? What makes a book a “Jewish book”? Does a book become a Jewish book simply by having a Jewish author?

The Events of 6 Sivan, 2 BCE

In my previous articles concerning the birth of Jesus, I described the primary reasons why I believe that the birth of Jesus occurred on 6 Sivan, 2 BCE. In this article, I will provide some additional details related to the astronomical events leading up to and following the birth that were not covered in my previous articles.

The Face of Jesus

The author’s reflection of relationships. A very revealing personal analysis of the face of Jesus in our lives.

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