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Miracle Healing and Christianity


Miracle Healing and Christianity

During Christ’s ministry, divine healing was a major theme. It was clear that Jesus had the ability to heal.

The gospels record healings in a variety of ways. The healing of a leper in the Jewish Scriptures was an illustrative example. Another example was the healing of a crippled man who had faith. Similarly, a deaf-mute man shouted praises to Jesus.

The biblical writings also describe Christ’s ministry to the sick. These are remarkable and confirm that Jesus is indeed God.

The apostolic Church regarded divine healing as an important part of Christ’s ministry. The Spirit of God was active during Christ’s ministry, drawing unclean spirits to Christ. The Spirit of God even brought healing to the dead, as in the case of a leper who was restored to life by Jewish Scriptures.

The modern church continues the work of Christ in hospitals and in other care facilities. The church also continues to preach the good news of salvation and healing. Increasingly, ordinary Christians are praying for strangers in supermarkets and bedrooms.

In the modern world, many people are not interested in studying the Bible. They are more concerned with religious traditions, philosophies, and traditions of men. These traditions often lead them to ignore the Bible’s miracles and other miraculous occurrences.

The gospel of Mark tells us about God’s revealing truth to men in his own time. The good news in this gospel is that the Father in heaven opens the eyes of his disciples so they can see for themselves who Jesus is.

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