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Religious Folks Often Believe the Human Brain is Special Since They Say it Was Created by God

A good many devout religious folks do not believe in evolution, even though evolution is everywhere all around us in nearly everything that is. Interestingly enough such folks believe that god created man as a super being – custom made so to speaketh. And since this is a “fact” as they claim humans are smarter than all other species, and that the human brain is special, and human beings are made in the image of god.

How is Your Relationship With the Lord?

Periodically it is important to evaluate your relationship with the Lord and take a look in the mirror to see how you are doing. We go to church, pray during the day and maybe even attend our weekly Bible study, but as we are handling our daily activities, do our actions say to the Lord “I Love You”?

In Our Giving, Spending, Saving, and Investing – Money Does Matter to God

Being a Christian means following Christ in every aspect of our lives. So how does our faith translate into our spending habits?

How to Increase Your Faith

Faith, we know, is an essential ingredient to our Christian life. More than an ingredient, however, it is the bedrock upon which we lay the foundation of Jesus Christ on. As important as it is, we all find our faith wavering at times and there is a desire, for most Christians, to increase our faith. But how?

Lost in Translation – The Linguistic Disclaimer to the 1611 King James Bible

Many theologians and historians doubt the existence of a true “Moses.” If Moses existed, then the story of Genesis is quite possibly over 3,000 years old. The Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, was originally published in 246 B.C. The King James Bible, published in 1611 A.D., is the first globally recognized English translation of the Genesis Creation Account.

End of Times? Believe it Or Not – It’s Coming!

I read a series of books called Left Behind, a total of 12 books, the first book is about the Rapture. The Rapture in simple terms is the sudden taking away of God’s people here on earth. These people without warning are taken, they disappear to the safety of heaven.

Do You Know Your Church’s Money Story?

Church leaders can make more sense of how their church handles money by looking at their church’s story. Being honest about the strengths and weaknesses of that story can help the church rise to meet financial challenges in the present.

Genesis, Fact Or Fiction – A Theoretical Argument For the Divine Creation of the Universe and Earth

What if an Extraterrestrial Creator populated the planet with plants, animals, and dinosaurs; then destroyed that world; and then what if it then re-populated the world with new plant and animal life; and then put humans on it? Extraterrestrial as used here to mean, “not made of elements from planet Earth.”

A Scientific Biblical Creation Account – An Escape From the Dogmatic Apologetics

All humans search for truth and The Creator manifests as that truth for many religions. For modern science, the love for a creator is strictly a love for the truth. They have a sincere desire to discover the source of all life. A love for the truth drives both sides. Scientists want to know why photons behave the way they do. They are in awe of the particles ability to do what it does. There exists a love for finding the truth of why that is. They have a respect for the identifiable cosmic forces, which make life so.

Have You Received the Holy Spirit?

He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost.

Acts 2-38 Evangelism

Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. What we need is more Acts 2:38 evangelism.

Logos – Father Or Son?

I’m hoping that this makes a little more sense to those of you who were questioning some things that I wrote previously. It explains the process I went through.

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