I Must Apologize To Everyone Who Follows Me

Ramadan 2012 Is Around the Corner!

Ramadan is a very holy month for Islamic people and is one of the most heavily observed religious holidays worldwide. Ramadan occurs during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

Can the Rich Man Enter Heaven?

Jesus had a lot to say about money. In the Gospels, Jesus says that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. When his disciples heard that they were astonished. Are you surprised at Jesus’ words or don’t you consider yourself to be rich?

How You Can Discover Christian Internet Websites

The internet is filled with plenty of useful information and facts, and it is possible to connect with and meet numerous interesting people on the net. Much of the content out there can be offensive to Christians, though, and if you’re a Christian, it sometimes can be tough to locate Christian-oriented internet sites. Are you considering Christian internet sites?

Does The Old Testament Have Value In The New Testament?

I want to you to meet me at the altar as we investigate to see. We have been giving serious consideration to the Biblical methodology of versions or accounts known as Types and Anti Types. When we speak about types we are talking about shadows, and when we speak about anti types we are talking about the reality of the shadows.

Reformation and Reformers With Their Revolutionary Radical Preaching Which Transformed Nations

When the Reformers appeared on the world’s stage, the prevailing impression of Jesus Christ was of one dead, on a crucifix. The living present saving Christ was hardly known. A Reformer is a man who lives by faith in the word of God. There is however much more. Following recent study it becomes clear that a Reformer is a man to whom God gives wisdom for the leadership of others. In an age of darkness and turmoil the reformers gave light. This was proving to be radical and revolutionary preaching and teaching but it was this return to the authority of the Word of God which brought about the required transformation and is that not so greatly required and needed in our western world today?

Being Beyond Backsliding

What the book of Hebrews majors on, and what was a major theme in Christian spirituality in the First Century, is just as much an issue today: backsliding. Hebrews vacillates through warnings for disobedience and exhortations to go on in faith, beyond temptation to believe in old things, practice old practices, and turn backwards away from God.

Some Keys to Praising God in the Hard Times

Life can be tough. We all have hard times in life. People say that we should praise God in all times and, most of all, in the hard times. This isn’t often easy. Praising God when you are suffering seems to be the opposite of what you should be doing. Here are some keys that I have found that help me praise God in the storms of life.

A Quick Look at Holiness

What are Christians becoming today? Can you tell the difference between the saved and the sinner? What’s missing? I’ll tell you what I think it is.

A Year of Manifestation (4)

It is possible that though you were born as a Moses, but the reality today is that you need to be delivered first. Yes, so many ‘Moseses’ need deliverance today. You were born for a specific assignment in your family, in your nation, in the society, or even in the church, but the chains of the enemy, the environment, your pasts and mistakes, or your inadequacies have kept you from attaining and fulfilling those divine tasks.

Religious People Suck, But the Church Is Pretty Cool

I hate religious people, because I thought something was wrong with me. It wasn’t so much their ineptitude as my inadequacy to be them. One day I realized I don’t have to be them and whether they were real or not, I could be me and that was ok.

Where Are You God? And Why Have You Done This To Us!

In tremendously difficult times in our life when it could be said, “If there is a god why would he allow such emotional and physical pain in the world?” But in times like these is when you can use God’s love and strength to overcome and thrive in your life.

Go Fish Guys – These People Make Great Music

The Go Fish guys are some of the most popular bands in children’s media today. While many Christians have heard their music, they probably don’t know much about the history of the Go Fish Guys.

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