The Shepherd-Kings

God made some amazing promises to David about the coming of the Savior. God has fulfilled and will continue to fulfill every promise He made to the man after His own heart.

Stand Before God – Is This What Is Expected?

The dead do not stand before God for judgment as this is a fallacy brought about by religions and the two beasts of Revelation. We feel only in a body and the dead feel nothing. That means we have reincarnated and are being judged right now.

We Are Souls Living in a Human Body

If the soul leaves the body where does it go? Can the soul recreate itself? What does the Law of Thermodynamics have to do with the human soul?

God Loves Us Though We’re Flawed

What a wonderful life it is when we consider the expansive truth; God loves us though, and maybe especially because, we are flawed. When all the pressure of living the perfect life is taken away, then we may truly soar, knowing that success is now redefined; we are successful because God says we are, despite our being flawed.

What Do Repetitive Prayers Do?

The little voice within grows louder as one takes notice of it. It leads and guides and requires no repetitive prayers to act. Those things are written by men to silence the real God, the Spirit of the Universe.

Repentance of Sins Is a Religious Trick to Hide the Spirit

Worshipers of false gods are mislead and enslaved to man’s ideas about what takes place after death. Their lives are taken up by pleasing religious organisations who claim to have the keys to heaven.

Roman Conspiracy to Hide the Real God

The identity of the real God is easy to find as we have it within us as a little voice leading and guiding those who listen to it. Some call it instinct, others refer to it as our conscience, but it is really the Spirit of God.

Quick Fix With Strange Fire

The lifting of our hands and voices to God, as an outward expression of worship, is to be offered as a result of our service and obedience. The proof of the authenticity of our worship experience is what happened during the past week.

Covenant of Peace

How did Phinehas end up with a covenant of peace for doing that? Having a zeal for Jesus may save more lives than appear to be lost.

Philosophy 101: 20 Questions to Ask Your Evolution Professor Who Can’t Explain Intelligent Design

There is so much that depends on how we look at things. When we take an honest look at facts, there is so much we don’t know!

Christianity Is Based On Worship Of The Staff Of Egypt

There is much that has been covered only by religious organisations to prevent their roots from being discovered. When the Spirit decided it was time to reveal all the information given herein is part of the revelations.

Why Is God Addressed As Him?

The Great Creative Spirit of the Universe is beyond man’s comprehension. That is why he created a male entity that can be manipulated as the God of the earth.

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