When We Agree With God – Part II

Perhaps there is no other deception in all of the body of Christ than the one that pursues a recognition, position, or accomplishment at the expense of becoming Christ-like. The story of King Saul is just such a tragedy. It was the purpose of God to form King Saul into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ when Saul was made King. Saul, however, loved the position more than the call to Godly character. How many times have I seen a choice by God’s leaders to choose to protect their position at the expense of their Godly character! I am sure the choice to do this has been done so often that many of us do not even recognize we have done so. Yet, what does the scripture say?

Conspiracy Not Just a Theory: It’s Revealed in the Bible

God told Habakkuk that He would do a work that people would not believe, though it be told to them. Colonel Ammerman (under General Schwarzkopf) cited unclassified information to say there were a million UN troops in N America, mostly on closed military bases. But with evening news like a lullaby, most people have no clue and wouldn’t believe that government could be moving toward surveillance and tyranny.

Door Jam

As I followed my husband through a revolving door, my bag got trapped. I had to get help to get it out. We are not trapped in our sin. We have help available.

Real Christian? Use This Checklist

“A bit simplistic!” – You protest! Yes, it has limitations, but the Bible, God’s word, does call on people to examine their consciences and their lives to weigh up this all-important subject. Here are some simple tests, but be careful – if you fail (and some people will), you must take appropriate action. I’ll make that clear as I conclude.

Mission Possible!

Let’s be realistic, I have no intention of clipping your wings, but while many things are possible for you and me, a great many simply are not. Personally, I shall never pilot an airliner, a submarine or a space-craft – but I don’t mind. I care more about the Christian mission of the world-wide proclamation of Jesus Christ. And so my question is; ‘is this great commission still possible, what is the central message, and how shall we reach this present very large and challenging generation?’

How Do You Become a Christian? Through the Sinner’s Prayer or the Great Commission?

Do you really become a Christian by reciting a sinner’s prayer? What did Jesus have to say in his great commission about the mission of his disciples?

Finding the Will of God

Finding the will of God for our lives has been a journey of explorations. Many of those exploits have been runs of trial and error. It is more than attempting to help God out by making suggestions.

America’s Parallels to Egypt Imply Impending Calamity

America has a dozen points in common with Egypt in Bible times and their history ended in calamity with the Exodus. This is a serious warning for us because Paul includes the Exodus when he said, “All those things happened for examples… ends of the world,” 1Cor 10:1,11.

Praise Opens The Door To God’s Grace

This year two wonderful men of God have proclaim a prophetic word from the Lord to His people; one of them said, this is the year of great grace and the other one said that this is the year of the key of David and that means that God will open doors for us that no man can close and He will close doors for us that no man can open; both of these messages are saying the same thing. We will have great grace from the Lord.

Bible Study Lesson on Tithing

Tithing is giving a tenth of your income to God every month. Many Christians think it is unnecessary to pay tithe.

Bible Lesson on a New Creation in Christ

What is Sin? If you have accepted Jesus into your heart, you should not keep carrying on your sinful lifestyle.

The Power of Prayer

“Can we refuse The Power of Prayer today?” Prayer can be all emotional, feely, or it can take on a more scientific approach. It all depends on how you view pray. The right pray is the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ and the scriptures tell us how to pray. Proverbs 7 talks about the beginning of Wisdom and the fear of God (humility) and the Torah is the ‘Pathway’ to life an instruction manual on how we should live our lives.

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