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Personality Development

There are many different skills needed in today’s world. Having a good personality is definitely an asset. Having the ability to get along with and influence people are one of the most important. Personality development will help you with this skill. Work on balancing your negative and positive thoughts. This will give you the confidence to judge the pro and con of what you have to deal with. Confidence in yourself and respect for others will help you move up in the world. you move up in the world.

Learn How to Understand the Bible As You Read

Have you ever gone into a bookstore or library and picked up a book in which the author found it important to use every big and difficult-to-understand word in the dictionary? If I run across a book like that, my first instinct is to replace it and never return to it. We often treat the Bible like one of those books, or give only a little effort in trying to understanding difficult passages. Of all the books we could ever read, the Bible is the one to which we should give extra time and energy.

Be Careful When Looking For Free Bible Study Materials – Know Your Stuff!

With the popularity of the internet today, and the vast resources that are poured into it, it’s a prime place for doing research. One can look up just about anything and find huge amounts of information! But for Christians, there is a need for caution…

The Inspiration Behind the Creation of Western Society – Is it Good, Evil, Or Both?

What is the one organization that has had the most influence on the development of western culture over the last two thousand years? What institution has had the power to strike terror in entire countries with the threat of a simple executive decision? What organization can arguably be held responsible for the destruction of entire primitive societies, in order to promote their own expansion of influence? If you guessed the Catholic Church, you are right.

‘Your Way’ Vs ‘My Way’ – Evangelism Misconceptions

Should believers have a “my way” vs. “your way” mentality? I used to think, “As long as the heart is sincere when the Gospel is given, it doesn’t matter too much how it’s given.” Then someone challenged me to think about a few things: What is my motivation or focus? What words do I use? What do they convey?

Evangelism Misconceptions – Is it Really “To Each His Own?”

Strategies for evangelism are endless, since every believer has special God-given skills to use. The world is a big place and cultures differ, so variety in evangelism is necessary, yet when it comes to sharing the Gospel, is it really “to each his own?”

Campground Evangelism – A Wide Open Door!

One thing about it, when one is surrounded by God’s creation, it’s hard to deny His existence. I’d encourage anyone who lives in an area where there are several campgrounds to consider the possibility of this ministry!

Campground Evangelism Welcomes You!

How often do we think of a campground or RV park as a place for evangelism? I know it wasn’t much of a thought for me until I started seriously researching it! The potential for this sort of ministry is tremendous!

What Scares Christians Away From Muslim Evangelism?

Often we take our focus off of God, and focus instead on our fears. In doing so, we quench the love of God. If we claim that salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is the only way, we have no reason to fear, and every reason to share the love of God with others, including Muslims.

Why Does Muslim Evangelism Seem to Scare Some Christians?

Many countries label all Americans as Christians, although Americans will tell you emphatically that that’s not the case. However, many Christians have a tendency to put Muslims into specific categories, causing unnecessary fear and avoidance when it comes to evangelism.

How to Live a Perfect Life

This is a story of some young man. We all have plans for our lives. Despite our very limited knowledge and power as a human being, we strive to get what we think best in our minds. But with his unlimited power and great love, God also has plans for our lives.

Why Does God Permit Evil?

We read in Genesis 1:31: “God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good.” But everything is certainly not “very good” today. What happened to change the situation? Why did God permit evil to get a start in the world and develop to the extent that it has? And why doesn’t He put a stop to all this madness?

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