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Miracles and Deliverance in Christianity


Miracles and Deliverance in Christianity

During the early ages of Christianity, miracles played a prominent role. They were a sign that Jesus was divine. His appearances after death were especially impressive.

One of the most impressive miracles of all time was when Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. The pouring out of the Spirit was not the only miracle of the day.

Another miracle of the day was the laying on of hands to heal. This was done by Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. These men were mighty men of God.

The Bible is the final word on all matters of faith and morals. Therefore, the true Church of God follows the biblical teaching of Apostle James. In fact, the true Church of God practices a way of life that is based on the teaching of Jesus Christ.

The true Church of God also has a right to anoint sick people with oil and to pray for them. This right is the foundation of the sacrament of anointing of the sick.

The Bible also contains a number of signs and wonders. These were used to validate the message of Jesus and to help people follow His command. These were especially impressive when compared to the bibliotheca of other nations.

A number of people are claiming to have the gift of healing. However, their claims are often a scam. These people put on a big show, putting on strange behaviors and holding healing services.

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