If I’m Spiritual Is Church Necessary? I Can Talk To God At Home!

Galatians 3 Bible Study

No one can be justified by the law. The law makes us realize our sins. The law brings curses on those who disobey and blessing for those who obey. One can be justified from their sins by putting his faith in Christ. The Holy Spirit is a gift of God to every person who believe in Christ. After you have been baptized, you must let the pastor pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you.

Romans 10 Bible Study

Christ offered himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the whole world by being crucified on the cross. His blood that is shed for us on the cross can wash away our sins and make us reconciled to God. Once our sins are washed away, we will become righteous in God’s sight. The law credits righteousness to anyone who practice them outwardly. If you want to be saved, you must confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe he is raised to life by God on the third day.

Layman’s Bible Commentary on Romans – Lesson III

The preceding condemnation of the Gentiles would please the Jews, and seem to justify their attitude that the Gospel should not be offered to them. In this chapter, Paul will effectually prove that the Jews had broken the law of God, continually and in an aggravated manner. He does this carefully, not naming them, but addressing all men who judge others, as those that do the same things.

The Supreme Worldview

Without a focus on God we quickly go to rack and ruin. Of course, the world might scoff at that. But the Christian worldview has always been better for humanity.

A Layman’s Bible Commentary on I Corinthians – Lesson II

The Gospel of Christ has one message of divine truth – the salvation of sinners through the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross. This message divides all people into two distinct groups. One group is of those that do not believe, who consider the message as foolishness. They are perishing. The other group is of those that believe, through the power of God, who receive salvation, and the strength and guidance as children of God on their journey unto eternity with God and Christ Jesus.

Do You Mind?

Have you ever noticed some people seem to have everything work right in their marriage? They have to courteous husband or wife who always supports what they say, it seems like they have it all.  It can be irritating to stick around people like this, because they constantly remind us of the days we lack peace in our home.

The Best Place to Stand

Standing is hard for many of us. It requires a deliberate choice. Standing before God is necessary to receive His blessings.

A Layman’s Bible Commentary on I Corinthians – Lesson I

Paul identifies himself as having been called to his place of authority as the apostle to the Gentiles of Jesus Christ, by appointment from God (through the will of God). His was a Divine commission, there was no part from any man. This authority was his basis to straighten out this church’s divisions and contentions.

A Reason to Pray

A supplication is an earnest prayer, a prayer that is not intended to advance a person financially or with power in this life but for the cause of righteousness within a person’s life. Many have prayed to the Lord for material belongings that would be used up by the individual, this is not a prayer that the Lord will hear or honour.

Reincarnation and the Bible: A Forgotten Doctrine

This week I would like to address the concept of reincarnation and its relevance to the Bible. Next we’ll look at scriptures that some use to support reincarnation, as well as scriptures that opponents use to refute it. Finally, I’ll explain what my personal beliefs are on this fascinating subject.

Galatians 6 Bible Study

The most important thing after accepting Jesus is that you change yourself and become a new creation in Christ. This means that you no longer follow the sinful flesh desire like before including smoking, addictions, stealing, jealousy, scolding vulgar words, sexual immorality and etc.

Challenges Faced By the Praise and Worship Leader

Being a new praise and worship leader can be one of the scariest ministries in the church. It is not so much whether you can sing or play, but the very fact that you have to lead your congregation to a deep relationship and experience of the Lord can be a scary thing. Doing this with a group of talented and gifted people can also make becoming a new praise and worship leader terrifying!

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