If You Have JESUS, You Can’t Have Demons

How to Decide on the Perfect Baptism Gift

Throughout this article I will be talking a bit about how to choose the right gift for a baptism. When deciding on the right gift, you must choose wisely.

The Dethroning of the KJV Bible

When people start talking about which Bible is the best it creates a cacophony among everyone. Sometimes with all the versions of the Bible people get confusion that they need a Bible in their hand to show to friends that they own one of the most popular and that does not exclude the KJV Bible.

Mormonism – Christianity With a Close-Up View

Mormonism brings to the world the pure version of Christianity. To many Christians, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seems different from their religion. Why? You’d have to look at the details.

This Gospel of the Kingdom

Many Christians are talking about the Kingdom of God these days. I stand amazed at how sophomoric the descriptions are that I’m hearing. The Spirit gave me the following 5-point definition which has resonated with many over the years.

Karmic Misconception

Often encountered is a much disseminated misconception of the theory of karma. The karmic “law of cause and effect” is frequently misinterpreted as a “law of return,” popularized by the unknowingly uninformed. According to this error, if one’s volitional actions are charged with a spiritual virtuousness, then a credit is amassed in the cosmic repository of good luck, which will be payed back in full, triple, or any other attractive number. If one’s motives are negative, then a payment must be made to neutralize the debit.

Being Led by Daring, Powerful and Obedient Leaders is an Exciting and Thrilling Way to Live!

Here is leadership with dynamism and authority and in Moses we see a man who is humble enough to walk with God. That was part of the secret of his amazing and astonishing success! We so need good leaders and exemplary leadership today. We so need men who are led by and inspired by the living God. Then situations may be rescued and circumstances may be rectified, but it will require brave strong effective leadership with a supernatural element involved if the difficulties are to be overcome. I assure you that it is a most exciting and thrilling way to live. Don’t miss it!

Three Lessons From Machiavelli For Church Leaders

Do you want to be loved as a leader? Machiavelli said it was better to be feared than loved. Even for church leaders, there’s something in what he said.

Bible Games – Involve Your Students With This Sunday School Activity

Want to get your children’s church students excited about learning? Incorporate Bible games into your curriculum!

The Cleft of the Rock Brings Forth the Glory

God covered Moses in the cleft of a rock as His Glory passed by. (Ex. 33: 22) Likewise, it is in the secret place in Christ, the Rock, where the Father reveals Himself. The secrets of the Father are hidden in Jesus Christ. The Father draws you to Jesus as your Lord and Savior. But Jesus reveals the Father’s heart.

A Good Thing Turned Bad!

I do remember the smallness, the insignificance of our lives when we look at it in the light of this magnificent wonder, of this impressive body of water, rushing from afar, and coming rumbling into a gigantic basing. I remember the thunderous sound as this tremendous and imposing mass splashes into the rocks in the bed of the river.

Pantheism and the Environment – Closely Interrelated

With the growing need of a green blanket for the environment and pantheists being great admirers of nature, they are only logical in showing their concern for the sustainability of the environment. This possibly explains the disliking of the pantheists for people who are negligent and do not care for nature in any way. Most of the environment issues are handled by new age scientific pantheism, so that a paradise is created where all natural things stay together in a perfectly balanced unison. Pantheism offers full support to those who are fond of nature and make all kinds of efforts to maintain the ecological balance.

Gay Marriage And The Bible – The Real Reason For The Itch

Moves and counter moves for what may be referred to as ‘global legalization of gay marriage’ are no longer big news. Regardless of all the seemingly endless legal debates and propagandas that are already getting too familiar, what many young Christians are really desperate to know is the reason why a seemingly healthy man would be itching to be the husband of another man; while an equally healthy and attractive woman lusts after another woman.

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