IMPOSSIBLE: Only Jesus Could Reconcile This BROKEN Marriage!!!

The Scroll of Revelation, 2 – Sent By an Angel

Here we begin to unravel some of the mysteries of Revelation. Make no mistake, the mysteries are great. But make not the other mistake, that we are unable to grasp them.

The Scroll of Revelation, 3 – The Setting

Who sent the book of Revelation to us? How was it recorded? When and where? It’s all in the first chapter…

Writing Articles to Honor the Lord Jesus Christ

People write for many reasons but many people in the religion section of this website write to bring honor to the name of Jesus Christ. Some like myself have websites that they want to promote, and yet that is not the primary reason why they take the time to write articles. First and foremost for me at least is to encourage people and teach them in the things of Christ.

Searching the Mysteries of the Parables of Jesus Christ

I am not sure that you are like me but when I read the parables of Jesus the meanings of them eluded me for many years. Some people have written about them, and many pastors have preached about them, but still I was left wanting to know more, still in the dark and craving for more meaning.

True and Lasting Faith in God

It was a rainy evening when I decided to go and buy something with my friend. Along the way, we met a terrible accident and we were hurriedly rushed in to the hospital. When I awoke, I found myself lying in a hospital bed and then I immediately searched for my friend. The nurse came in and informed me that my friend is in coma and I was lucky to have recovered. Upon hearing the news, I felt very terrible and I somehow blamed myself for what had happened.

The Parables of Jesus Christ – A Simple Overview of the Sower

If you are like me, you will have found that the parables of Jesus Christ are quite easy to understand on the surface, and yet they beg for you to dig deeper to find out the real meanings of them. For many years I have looked for a book that could open up the meanings of the parables of Jesus Christ and yet a book eluded me. One of the parables is that of the sower…

Kindness – A Hope for the Future

Each and everyone of us must have helped someone somehow at some point in our lives. It maybe a friend, a family or a neighbor, but then again did we help because we really wanted to? Or because we were forced to help, do we find it hard to help someone? Do we find helping others a burden?

Gratitude, a Simple Thanks To God

I have been a teacher for about eight years now and I am happy with it since I love kids and I really love teaching. For the past eight years, I am very proud to say that some of my students are already successful in their chosen professions. On sunny Tuesday morning, I received a phone call from one of my previous students. I was definitely shocked at the same time I was curious at first. So I answered the phone and I was very surprised when he said the two words that made my heart melt, Thank you!

Wisdom – The Secret Ingredient to Success

It is true that somehow in our lives we have made decisions and choices. We truly, have met crossroads along our paths and our ways. And of course we for sure will still be meeting challenges and obstacles ahead. That is the reason why, we must be wise and clever in making our own decisions.

Peace Is What We Need

I was at home relaxing when I found out that my neighbor was robbed. The next week I also found out that my daughter’s best friend was kid napped. After all these devastating news, I asked myself “Where is peace in this very troubled world?”

Hope Is Where God Is

As a child, I have a very close relationship with my grandmother that I would usually spend more time with her than with my own mother. As years passed by, I have discovered that she has a third stage colon cancer. Upon hearing the news, I was greatly devastated and I was very affected that I never left her side. On her death bed, she would usually tell me never to lose hope in life even if she was gone.

Know the National Festivals of India

India is a country with diversity in religion, lifestyle, culture, language, food, and festivals. Every festival celebrated in the country has its unique influence in the life of different people in accordance to the beliefs, religion, and culture of the people. There are many types of festivals eminent in India and each has its own significance.

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