In this End-time Revival God is Restoring the Five-Fold Ministry


The Basics of Christian Faith

Christians believe that Jesus Christ died for human sin, was buried, and rose from the dead to offer salvation to all who would receive him. Unlike most other faiths, which rely on rules and rituals for their spiritual lives, christianity is founded upon a relationship with God through Christ.

It took the church several centuries to sort out what Christians have come to consider orthodox church doctrine; and, even though these teachings have been established for millennia, debates about them continue to this day. Variant views about sin and the nature of human depravity remain some of the key fault lines between Christian denominations.

Deliverance, Casting Out Demons, Healing the Sick, Miracle Healing

Christians believe that if they follow Christ’s example, they will be healed by the power of prayer. It is said that Jesus cured people of sickness and evil by simply laying his hand on them, or commanding demons to leave them (Mark 16:17).

When a person gets sick, the bible instructs him to call for elders of the church who will lay hands upon his head and pray over him, anointing him with oil. This is a richly symbolic act of setting apart the sick person to be set free by God through His Spirit for this special miracle of divine healing (James 5:14 ff).

Whether it is in their churches or private homes, Christians are encouraged to help one another. They share their financial burdens, admonish each other when they sin, encourage and provoke each other to love and good works, share the burdens of sick family members, share their joys in Christ’s blessings, and support and comfort each other when they are sad or ill.

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