Indifference Leads to Irreverence

Have You Ever Seen Jesus?

I was talking to someone the other day and I asked them if they had ever seen Jesus and they told me that they see Jesus everywhere. So could this be true, whenever I look at an asphalt street with holes in it, dead plants along our crowded freeways, starving children and war, this might start to make some sense to me.

Can Christians Prove That God Created the World?

This is probably one of the most debated questions on the planet between Christians and atheists. The answer that I am going to give you is going to be the truth and neither group can provide enough evidence to prove that I’m wrong and they’re right, yet.

What If the Bible Isn’t the Written Word of God?

This question is going to be a lot easier for Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus to accept than for Christians and followers of Judaism. Even though some Muslims believe in the Old Testament, the New Testament isn’t something that they entirely support.

As Christians Shouldn’t We Be Asking For Evidence?

When are Christians finally going to stop putting up with all the problems in atheism? If pestering atheists ask questions like,” Do you have any evidence to support some of the claims made in the Bible.” Shouldn’t we at least have some evidence to give them?

Making the Most Out of Bible Study – Christianity

Anyone that’s seriously interested in studying the Bible should join a Bible study group. You can study the Bible on your own if you really want to, but if you want to get some input and other peoples opinions, a Bible study group is one way to get the most out of studying Christianity.

When Should I Start Asking Questions About Christianity?

I have spent most of my life asking questions about Christianity to all types of people. I have asked religious leaders, religious followers, atheists, educators, authors and nonbelievers. If you’re Christian who wants to learn more about Christianity, now is the right time to start asking questions.

Let’s Examine the Mind of Faith – World Religions

I’m much more familiar with religions in the United States and I’m only basing the information you’re about to read off of my interactions with these people. Why do so many religious followers replaced faith with facts?

Lexington and Concord Begins a Just War in the Cause of Liberty

After the Boston Tea Party Samuel Adams, like many of his stature, continued to proclaim their allegiance to England for another year, but from this point forward it was more out of hope than expectation that the English tyrants would reverse their policies toward the colonies. As a result of England’s persistence, separation and independence were deemed inevitable…

The Boston Tea Party, a Model For Christian Political Activism

The give and take of this struggle began to come to a head when Parliament directed her representatives in the colonies to begin executing the Navigation Act, the Sugar Act and the arbitrary laws of trade. Shortly thereafter a scheme was launched to lay in internal tax on the colonies through the Stamp Act. This prompted the creation of The Sons of Liberty, which determined to resist the execution of the Stamp Act by all lawful means. James Otis, of The Sons of Liberty…

The 7 Things Church Receptionists Do to Turn People Away

It is amazing to me that some of the smartest people in the world, senior pastors, can hire and keep absolutely incompetent people as receptionists. I understand the vast majority of front door people are outstanding people and extremely competent. However, I find it way too frequent that the first representation of the local church is a poor representation, generally by a person often untrained or under-trained. When that is not the case, then you simply have a bad apple on the team and it’s killing you.

1 Corinthian 13 – Love As Paul Saw it in the Spirit of Jesus

Paul was quite taken in by Jesus once he understood what followers of Jesus steadfastly proclaimed, even during and after considerable torture to force his followers to give up their trust in Jesus. It became quite clear to Paul that Jesus was an extraordinary and very special person.

What Are You Waiting On?

“Well, I’m just waiting for a miracle.” How often have you heard someone say that? How often have you said it? “If God wanted me to have a new car he would give it to me?.

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