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Why Was Christ Crucified?

Christ was crucified because He brought The Message of Truth: He brought a Message that would show us the way back Home. Through this Message He brought Salvation.

Images of Jesus Are Burned Into Our Hearts

Images of Jesus are more than just pictures we see, they are burned into our hearts. These images fulfil a need beyond the obvious search for meaning. They give focus to our lives and direction to our steps.

The Appearance of a Christian Woman

Some time back I had a person email into my online ministry with a question about women’s makeup. She more specifically was asking about the great amounts of makeup used by some Christian women on television. After a bunch of prayer, here is how I answered her:

The History of the Rosary – Then and Now

The history of the rosary is paved with the holy intentions of righteous people of God to promote spiritual devotion to Jesus Christ and His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Although the first recorded use of the rosary involved a simple prayer rope by the Desert Fathers to keep track of repetitions of the Jesus Prayer, the use of intricate silver rosaries are no less signs of devotion.

Multi Racial Tolerance – Example of Buddhist Funeral Services

The culture in Singapore is made up various ethnic groups. The main ethnic group would be the Chinese followed by Malays. It amazes many to see how such different cultures can live on such a tiny island measuring just 30km wide.

Greatly Ordinary and Ordinarily Grateful

Paul had more biblical knowledge and skills than any of the Apostles. But he did not count any of that stuff to his credit. Rather, he found it to be a liability, to be rubbish in the light of Christ. Paul’s impressive credentials were worse than nothing in his own eyes.

God’s Surprising Gift – A Great Thing to Man

Surprise is always the word, whenever it comes to gifts. This may be one of the reasons people, especially kids, love to get presents. It is not unlikely that they enjoy the surprise that comes with every gift. Gifts can be fun for many reasons, but the surprise can be the most fun of all.

A Plea For Restoration

It is important for Christians all over the world to reiterate and believe in the validity of the restoration plea of Prophet Jeremiah of old. He pleaded that we should stand and ask for the old paths, the good way, and walk in them. This is necessary so as to find rest for our souls.

Reverence to God’s Word – A Right Spiritual Attitude

If we really want to show reverence for God our attitude must change, and then we will hear what God wants to tell us. We cannot claim to be honouring God while we constantly reject His word! It is now evident that many people do not know much about God – His character, His purpose, His will and His plan for their lives. They always “plead ignorance” with the idea that they really can’t know the things of God. But experience has shown me that they can.

God’s Inexpensive Gift – A Great Thing to Man

Ingratitude is a common characteristic of people today. Everyone thinks only of his own rights and regards the forms of assistance and relief that are offered as perfectly natural. Is it really to be taken for granted? Are thanks superfluous because the gift came from someone who is expected to make a bigger contribution? So many people do a lot for us and are entitled to expect thanks, but how often do we remember to show appreciation.

Three Proofs of the Existence of God

Most people believe in God without seeking any proof of His existence. This articles gives three irrefutable proofs of God to convince the atheists about the existence of God.

Gift Without Charge – God’s Great Gift to Man

During the period of gift giving, it often seems that gifts are exchanged because it is expected. Family members buy for each other. Employees buy for each other. Friends remember each other and give gifts. The previous relationship calls for a gift to be given, for a close loved one to be remembered with a small token. But God’s gift to man is always free – without charge.

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