Is AMERICA becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah?!

Cleanliness is Next to – Godliness?

Clean people love to say, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. But they never seem to cite any religious authority. And there isn’t any. They’re just making it up.

WFL – I Am All You Need

When you have a negative thought about someone, a ministry as an example, pray for them for they are under attack by the enemy and the enemy is trying to deceive you to have you add to the attack against them by agreeing with the enemy in any negative thoughts. Begin to pray for and lift up their hands for God’s wisdom, knowledge and insight to be with them in a clear way upon, them in Jesus’ name to defeat and destroy the works of the devil in their life.

Fatwa Against Vande Matarm, But Why?

Every religion has its own significance and it is imperative to respect every religion, which most of the people do not. If we ponder seriously over this controversial issue, then most of the people do not know religion at all, no matter which religion but they just want to create stir and controversies, for what? We know not!

“But God” – A Miraculous Story

My mother had a tragic automotive accident but God turned it into the greatest blessing. You will find your heart stirred as you read about God’s intervention as the finger of God touched her young life.

Churches Use Halloween to Reunite the Flock With Flurry of Activity For Friends and Family

It is amazing how well Churches in the US use traditional type holidays to unite their flocks. For instance, most churches have functions which surround Halloween activities, even though the “devil” and “evil” are things that the Christian religion is against. Interestingly enough, the Pentecostals will not have Halloween Parties and do not suggest that their members dress up for the Holiday, but our local Pentecostal church had a BBQ instead on that day, and although I am not a church-goer, a friend had invited me to it.

Are Christians Really Looking at the Evidence?

I remember my early days as a Christian and it was nice to know that I was protected by a father like figure who lived in the sky. I would often look up at the sky while I was praying and asking God for things that I rarely received.

Will the N1H1 and the Annual Pilgrimage to Mecca Be an Issue?

Many are worried that the N1H1 Swine Flu could cause a great pandemic in the Middle East due to the number of people who make the pilgrimage to Mecca each year. If the swine flu breaks out and everyone that makes the pilgrimage gets sick, and then wanders back to all of their villages, cities, and towns, then some are worried that the pandemic will reach all areas of the Islamic world, potentially killing tens of millions of people if the virus becomes virulent and it is a strain for which no vaccines currently exist.

Passover Saga – Myth Or History? (7) 2000AD, UCLA Study Group – The Ten Plagues

Passover Plagues-Miracles – Fiction or Fact? Ancient biblical events (Circa 1300BC) are confirmed by a university post-grad study group (Circa 2000AD). In sequential episodes and chapters, fictional characters of ancient Egypt interact with Moses, Pharaoh, et al, followed by a fictional university study group which reviews 21st century scientific findings, artifacts and logic, covering the same biblical events.

Work and Religion – Do They Mix?

When it comes to religion in the workplace, we all have our varied beliefs. But, do work and religion mix or do they create unnecessary conflict?

Seek Solace With Fellow Christians at a Local Community Church

There are occasions when people find that life around them has become extremely routine. The day to day tasks makes everyone tired and we all want to take a break from the monotony. However, all is not lost. There are still various means by which one can get together during the weekend and meet other members of their religious community. It is but natural for Christians to seek solace with people of the same religion to share their thoughts, their joys and sorrows.

Bible Revelation – A Simple Understanding!

Revelation need not be a complicated book to understand. The basic premise of how one looks at the book is the one critical thing that causes most of the struggle. The belief that the book of revelation is about the end of the physical world is the biggest mistake being made in the interpretation of this book.

Do You Prefer Milk Or Steak?

There is a saying that you are what you eat. Since what you eat is the basic material from which your body is formed, it is largely true. It is also true in our spiritual life. Changes in diet, either spiritual or physical, will drastically affect our health.

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