Is Covid Vaccine a Mark of the Beast

The Real Messiah

A great deal of misinformation has been written about notable personalities down through history, but nothing compares to the delusion and confusion in the minds of millions regarding the true Messiah and His earthly mission. Centuries of false teachings coupled with widespread ignorance of the Scriptures have produced an entirely skewed view of the person of the Savior and what He stood for.

Who You Gonna Trust – Make Me Thereof a Little Cake

Who you gonna trust? I signed up with an Internet tutor, a professional Internet web site marketer. My purpose: to quicker learn things that are self-teachable. I need to learn about squeeze pages and how to get visitors. I have to create a product. I require articles that will draw writers to my resource site. I need to quicker produce the bottom line, to cut off for myself a little slice of the cake without spending months just to reach the starting gate.

A Bridegroom God in Love With a Harlot

The woman: Gomer, the harlot. The story tells that the Lord commanded Hosea to marry a prostitute… not only that, but he was to have children of prostitution (Hos.1:2). And you think your reputation is in trouble?

This Monster Called Justice – Memories From the Belly of the Beast

The internal liquids of the monster’s pouch produce a pain-inhibiting narcotic. In flesh, the victim suffers no pain. In mind, insanity reigns. This slow consumption of hopes, dreams, and breath is a terror beyond comprehension.

The Sovereignty of God and Acts of Love

Understanding the sovereignty of God is extremely important. There is much written on this subject. Honestly much of it I think misrepresents who God is.

Abram and Abraham – Two Different Covenants (Article 4)

The physical land that the country of Israel owns today belonged initially to evil descendants of Noah. It did not belong to Israelis, nor did it belong to the Palestinians. God gave it to Abram, who through sin involved others that were not of the Covenant promise.

What Makes Clergy Shirts Different?

Some people have heard of the term clergy shirts, but are unsure about what it is exactly. In a nutshell, shirts like these are the kind used or worn exclusively by people in the clergy.

Buddhism and Hinduism

India is a land of temples. They are the ancient religions. BUDDHISM – This religion was found by a prince Siddhartha Gautam who later got famous as Buddha. He was also known as ‘Sakyamuni’. Buddha offered teachings and taught Four Noble Truths which ultimately leads to the way to achieve Enlightenment or called ‘Nirvana’ by the Buddhists.

Getting to Know More About the Christian Calendar

Most people use the term “Christian calendar” without even knowing where it originated or how it got started. Even though people use calendars almost all the time; most of them have no idea when and how it originated.

Clergy Robes – Knowing Where to Find Them

Knowing where to find clergy robes is essential if you want to go ahead and get a great bargain for your church. If you want to search for a great bargain on robes over the Internet, here are some steps that you can go ahead and follow. First, you can make use of search engines like Google or Yahoo!

No Conflict Between Religion and Science?

The touted distinction between methodological and philosophical naturalism does little to show that science and religion are compatible. The same can be said regarding the claims that “science does not disprove God,” that many scientists are also persons of faith and find belief in God compatible with their work in the sciences. None of these makes much headway in showing that the sciences are compatible with a commitment to a supernatural view of reality.

Communion Supplies – Finding Excellent Bargains Online

One of the best ways to get great deals on communion supplies is to take your search online. If you are a church assistant and tasked to hunt down affordable communion supplies for your church, then you can go ahead and order cheap deals online.

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