Is Drinking Alcohol Sinful To Do?

Smoke From the Pit

Joel 2 and Revelation 9 have an amazing similarity. Both start out with talk of darkness…

Closer To Reality: The “Inspired” Bible

Many knowledgeable people, those true believers, acknowledge the concept that the authorized Bible being the inspired word of God Almighty has merit. Some Doubting Thomas’s however say that this concept is pure bovine fertilizer for a whole host of reasons. What follows arises out of a debate I had with an Accidental Meta-physician and true believer which I’ve edited for, hopefully, sake of clarity.

Original Sin: Revisiting A Biblical View

Is it according to the Bible that each person is conceived in Sin just as each one carries the burden of the sin of the first man and woman? Wasn’t the taste of the forbidden fruit in Eden the awareness of physical attraction in man and woman? Wasn’t the Tree of knowledge actually the knowledge of the process of creation, of Love, of sex?

How Are You Connected To God And Your Church?

Learn how to deal with church conflicts and handle criticism to minimize disruption. Rethink your relationship with God and your church.

Who Cares What You Believe?

There is a bewildering variety of personal beliefs about life and its meaning in the world today. Some have been around for thousands of years; others appear to be of more recent origin. But then why do I say they are ‘bewildering’? If you are clear about what you believe, perhaps any uncertainty is more experienced by those who find it difficult to make up their minds and who just plump for the popular beliefs of their family or social circle. Anyway, does anyone really care what you believe?

Morality Is Logical

Somehow, in our society today, we have come to believe that we have to find a middle ground between morality and logic. The truth is that the two go hand in hand.

God Will Punish the Punishers

Pagan nations have been used by God to discipline HIS people. Their paganism and other atrocities have not gone unnoticed by a just and holy God.

First Christian Religion of The Modern Era

Lies, corruption, and a giant conspiracy brought the Roman Catholic Church into being and the man behind it is numbered 666 in Revelation 13:12-18. This has come to light due to my reincarnation and commission from God to tear down the wall that hides the Real God.

Is It Time to Pull My Hair Out?

Who has not heard of the recent Planned Parenthood videos? Have you noticed our national response to them? While reading the Old Testament book of Ezra, I found his reaction to the sins of his people amazing. He tore his clothes, pulled out his hair, and prayed with passion. Isn’t it time a similar response in America? I hope you will think about this with me.

Tel Megiddo, A Walk Through Biblical and Ancient History

Megiddo, one of several major Tels in Israel, is an important Biblical and historical site. The ruins excavated there are spectacular and include wall fortifications, gate complexes, a water tunnel and a Canaanite altar. One of Megiddo’s claims of importance is the fact that since the Israelite exile to Babylon, the city has remained uninhabited, thereby preserving the ruins of time periods predating 586 B.C. without newer settlements disturbing the artifacts. The early excavations at Tel Megiddo are noted to have laid the foundation for the discipline Biblical archaeology and future excavations in Israel and around the world.

Spirit and Judgment in the Last Days

The Last Days began 2,000 years ago with the falling of the Spirit. They will end in judgment on the lost.

Religions Are At The Heart of All Terrorism

How many people are going to die because of the religious agenda and mental conditioning of murders? It is against their nature for most to kill but brainwashing destroys ones natural instincts.

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