Is Holiness A Dress Code? Skirts, Suits, Modesty? This Video Is Gonna Make Religious Demons Manifest

All About Jesus Christ’s Life in The Beginning

Aspects about Jesus that made his teaching authoritative and effective were the understanding of man and his loving concern for others. Did you know Jesus summed up the entire Law in two commandments?

Pope Benedict The Sixteenth – Papal Visit To UK

What have Pope Benedict the Sixteenth, Liam McNally and Michelle McManus got in common? Well, they’ll be attending various events for the papal visit to the UK which will start with the Pope touching down at Edinburgh Airport at 10.30 am on Thursday 16th September 2010 where he’ll be greeted by The Duke of Edinburgh.

Pastor to Burn Koran – Media to Burn Conscience

The changes surrounding Pastor Terry Jones announcement to burn the Koran (Quran) may outlive the point of this article. The latest round of news is that Jones may cancel the burning; or not.

New Atheists – The Big Conundrum

Looks at how atheism often claims to be scientific. I share my reservations about this and show how genuine science needs the validity of our reason and an understandable universe – which atheism is unable to provide, without using the borrowed capital of theism. This then is the big conundrum – that if atheism is right, then actually it’s wrong!

Fornication In The Church?

A bible study on biblical fornication. Is it occurring in the church organizations of today?

Frogs In The Church?

A bible study article on the meaning of frogs in the bible. Are they in the church?

Community Advocacy – The Church’s Social Responsibility

There has been a decline of social justice teachings and advocacy in the Church. It seems that the economy has shifted some Churches to stray from social aspects of Kingdom building to maintenance and preservation of the institutional Church. This shift from social justice teachings and advocacy has made people wonder if the Church is swaying from being a good steward of people by addressing social ills confronting the community.

Christian Pastor Off Task

Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who is going to burn Qurans on September 11, is off task, according to Jesus’ teachings. What he is doing, or proposes to do, could affect the entire world.

There Is No Salvation “Outside Of” the Church of Christ

Was there salvation outside of the ark? Was there salvation outside of the nation of Israel? Is there salvation outside of the church of Christ? The answer to all of these questions, per the Bible, is clearly “no”.

Atheism – New World View?

The appeal and popularity of atheism are noted, and a basic definition given. One of the key motivations for why atheism is adopted, that of gaining ‘relief’ is explained. Some of the limitations are discussed, and the dichotomy between ‘science’ and naturalistic philosophy is examined. In conclusion, Christian theism is noted as giving an adequate foundation for our rationality and an understandable cosmos – features lacking, in my view, on consistent atheistic views.

Biblical Social Architecture Is What Made America Great

Our founding fathers set us on a course which, if maintained leads to great prosperity, blessing and good in the Earth. We were set on the trajectory to be a powerful force against tyranny and for liberty in the world. Unfortunately, through ignorance of the truths of God’s word we have failed to maintain that direction, and set out on a course that leads to a different destiny than our founding fathers desired for their posterity. Today we stand at a crossroads and have to choose a destiny for our society which will influence our posterity. We can choose to forsake a biblical social architecture which will lead to more corruption and injustice, or we can return to the values which made America great and leave for our children’s children a society founded upon justice and liberty.

Kingdom Infiltrators

Christians who are Kingdom people need to see the value in the things that Jesus described in the gospels. In this article four of these metaphors are discussed.

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