Is it Possible to Lose Your Salvation

Christians’ Boundary in Tough Love

Human affairs operate within some form of regimentation. This is known and acceptable to the Christians. Their acts, within and outside their religious circles, are guided by limits and boundaries. More or less, this is a natural law that goes far outside the confines of any particular gathering, religious or not. We are in one society or the other.

Be Honored Christians

When you get called by God for service, you’re called to a higher level of responsibility. “…Much is required from those to whom much is given, for their responsibility is greater.” (Luke 12: 48 TLB). This is where we miss the point, for we think that those who are called are of a rare breed. Wrong!

Thoughts on Virtue

The word honesty is a battlefield of arguments. As there are many fields of studies so are there fields of arguments about truth and lies and white lies. The definitions carry with it explanations and philosophies, even relativism. What virtues are you living for?

Swami Dayananda Saraswati – Preceptor and Sovereign of the World

There was a time when our country India was the preceptor and sovereign of the world. The Vedic culture prevailed all over the world. Swami Dayananda Saraswati dedicated his life and youth for the transformation of past into present and restore the Vedic Religion, Vedic Culture and Vedic Age.

John 13:2 – Who’s Controlling Your Mind?

Has the Devil put thoughts in your mind? Discover how you can strengthen all of Christendom!

Revelation 9:20 – Just Who Are You Worshiping?

Has the Word of God been twisted and taken out of context? Read this article to find out – and what you can do about it (if you need to do anything, that is).

Gifts – Faith and Healing

Paul said that God works in His church, His people, through a variety of means. And that in spite of the variety of ways that God makes Himself manifest there is always a unity that binds the different manifestations of His work together.

Home Church Can Teach Children to Grow As Disciples

Home church is he best way to teach children the basics of living. The mind of a child is ready to receive information. The family environment creates information for the child. The child will store this data bank of information for a long time. Most of this information will play an important role in their behavior and character.

God As I Don’t Understand Him

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous tells us to turn to a “God of our understanding.” But can we really ever understand God?

Home Church Can Teach Children How to Honor Parents

The home church in a family sets up the stage for children to grow in fear and knowledge of God almighty. There is no substitute for this kind of environment for a child. The family is the most important part but without fear of God, it is useless. The bible talks much about family, children and parents.

The Hot Topic of Hell (Part 1 of 7)

Hell! It’s a terrifying subject, at least for those who think about it. Is Hell burning now?

Home Church Eliminates the Need For Buildings and Power

Emperor Constantine did so much destruction that the good he did is pitiful in comparison. He is the one who created these monster institutions of church, including the seminaries and priesthood. He is the one who separated the secular and sacred. He introduced a division of clergy and laymen.

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