Is Mike Todd A Serial Spitter? Shocking Footage From 2019 Discovered

The Lord Is Our Defense

As birds flying and covering their young ones, so will the Lord faithfully and carefully be be unto all believers. We shall be defended and preserved from all evil. Though exposed to all sorts of danger we need not be afraid, for His Holy spirit shall be our comfort.

The Seven Seals

There are a lot of false teachings regarding the opening of the Seven Seals. The false teaching begins at Revelation 4:1 when a door was opened in Heaven and John was told to “Come up hither…”

The Fifth Book of the New Testament: Acts

In this topic, you purpose the book of Acts. You will know who was the author of the book of Acts, when was it written, to whom it was for, and why was the book written.

Challenges of Past and Uncertainty of Tomorrow Fuel Actions of Today

Our past – pleasant and unpleasant – has an influence on our present and consequently, our future. Lt. Col. Gregory Gadson is a wonderful example of someone who dealt with his challenges in a positive way.

The Natural Man Receiveth Not the Things of the Spirit

“Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” In these things spoke of, the things that we speak, concerning Christianity, are not of things taught by man whose discernment of the spiritual is non-existent.

How God Changes Our World

Whilst, in some cases, it appears that the world is getting darker, in many, many cases the Light of the World, which is the love of Jesus, is shone in through the smallest and most effective sacrificial gifts. These occur all the time.

Who Would Jesus Look For?

I started thinking about the kind of people Jesus looked for and associated with when He walked the earth in human form. Curiously, none of them seemed to even remotely match the description of that guy from the political commercial. Perhaps Jesus was looking for folks who were much different from what the average voter would look for.

The Divine Lifestyle – Building and Sustaining a Powerful Anointing

The article discusses the divine lifestyle of those who are deeply devoted to the work of God’s kingdom. The reader discovers the spiritual requirements for living the divine lifestyle as well as the means of sustaining such a dynamic life.

The Bishops at the Direction of the Vatican Will Bring the US Nuns Back Into Line

This issue may be the proverbial straw that breaks the back of the Institutional Church. The reaction has been universally opposed to the charges. The Nuns are angry and discouraged. The rest of us should be as well.

Impossible Biblical Concepts: Jesus As Deity

Assuming that the Christian religious figurehead known as Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth actually existed, and that is not a given by any stretch of the imagination, then the odds are, IMHO, that he was just another mortal human. In other words, he was not an immortal supernatural deity, the alleged ‘Son of God’.

How To Enjoy Everyday Life

Can you believe that some people think that if they do not have something to worry about then something is wrong? Well there are a lot of people with that frame of mind who does not realized that worrying causes them to not enjoy their lives.

Ministry: For Our Convenience or God’s Glory

The deception we have embraced is that the chief end of man is his own happiness. The truth is that the chief end of all men is to bring glory to God.

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