Is Putin the Next Hitler?

Can a Prophecy Be Reversed?

This is an article about prophecy. Can a prophesy be reversed? Yes it can and most of them about impending disaster is given in hope that it will be reversed.

The Missing Years of Jesus’ Life – Now Found

What did Jesus do between the ages of 12 and 30 years? This question has been the subject of many speculations. And there have been many answers, some of them purportedly based on scientific research. These are usually called the missing years in the life of Jesus. In this article you may be surprised to find out that those are not missing years. Some people have found them.

A Prophet’s Eye View of History (Scarlet Threads – A History of Mystery Babylon, Part Eleven)

No surprises in the heavenlies. No surprises for those who are in touch with heaven, either. The prophets saw it all and told it to us. Take a look.

Babylon and Jesus (Scarlet Threads – A History of Mystery Babylon, Part Sixteen)

So much is taught in the modern religious system of our day that was far from the thinking of Jesus of Nazareth. Shall we ever get back to His ways?

Nephomancy – Divination By The Clouds

Nephomancy is divination by the clouds, an art (and once was a science) that is one of the oldest kinds of divination known to man. The ancient Mesopotamians had a god of storms, Hadad, or Raman, who also became god of any kind of divination at all. Those who saw fortunes in the clouds were the forefathers of those who saw the future practically any other way throughout history.

International Babylon (Scarlet Threads – A History of Mystery Babylon, Part Twelve)

Once you’ve seen the pattern you can almost predict what will happen next. The idea is to be sure it does not happen to you. Mystery Babylon is with us still…

The Prophets and Babylon (Scarlet Threads – A History of Mystery Babylon, Part Nine)

Empires do not go unnoticed in Heaven. God sees the Babylonian Mystery unfold and uses it all for His purpose and glory.

Babylon’s Slow Demise (Scarlet Threads – A History of Mystery Babylon, Part Ten)

The prophecies all said Babylon would be gone in an instant. Babylon only very slowly faded away. This is part of the mystery too.

Have You Ever Heard Preaching By Seducing Spirits?

Have you heard preaching from seducing spirits? Most likely you have if you have ever entered a church. Many seducing spirits are in the churches of today.

Total Fitness for Missionaries

Mormon missionaries are workhorses. They get up at 6:30am every morning to study their scriptures and get ready for the day. By 10:00am they are out the door to proselyte, provide service to others, and follow up on appointments they have set up for the day. By 10:30pm they are back home and in their beds, getting rested up so they can do it all again the next day.

LDS Missionary Gift Ideas

Two years is a long time, especially when you are an LDS Missionary away from your family and all things familiar. During the two years that your missionary is serving, there are many different holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions to send your missionary a gift. Sometimes it might be a struggle to know what to get your missionary. Here are a few ideas:

Missionary Training Center

When a person serves a full-time mission for the LDS church, they go to the Missionary Training Center to learn how to be successful missionaries and how to teach the gospel. They will usually spend anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks training at the Center. The main Missionary Training Center is located in Provo, Utah. It is a beautiful campus with missionaries from over a hundred different countries. There are also sixteen other permanent MTC’s located throughout the world.

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