Is The Disney Movie Turning Red Demonic? Should Your Children Be Allowed To Watch It?

Saint Rita of Cascia and Her Pilgrimage to Rome

The Nuns of Cascia were also planning a pilgrimage, which was not to include St. Rita. Knowing and understanding the reasoning behind her exclusion (her wound which continued to bleed, fester and emit unbearable odors), she nevertheless did not take it lying down.

The Secret and the Truth

You create your existing world by the thoughts you hold in your sub-conscious mind. The outer mind with which you and I have daily control over is the vehicle with which we program or in most cases, reprogram the inner mind. The natural laws give mankind a fair ground with which to live in an alien world (This world is alien to our natural environment).

God is Gathering His Children

The faiths of Judaism and Yashua’s followers do have some common ground. This is true if both choose to worship the God of Israel, the God of Yashua (Jesus), the One he claimed as his Father.

How Christian Ministries Work in the Developing World

Millions of children in poor countries are suffering for the want of basic food and medicines. This certainly gives the impression that we are living in a world of injustice and unnecessary cruelty. Yet Christian ministries are busy at work helping children not just with physical aid but also through educational centers and church-based learning programs.

Shridi Sai Baba Temples in Chennai

There are two prominent temples in Chennai dedicated to shiridi saibaba. These two Sai temples in Chennai City, attract thousands of devotees from all regions.

Baptism Outfits For Boys – What is the Choice For Your Baby Boys Baptism Or Christening Day?

Are you struggling to decide what your son should wear on his Baptism or Christening day? Are you aware of the possible types of gowns, dresses or suits, available for your baby boys baptism or christening day?

What Do I Do to Be Fruitful?

I don’t remember ever reading in the Bible of any of the apostles traveling in an eight horse powered chariot, or needing an assistant to carry their many tunics. I do remember the boldness of their speeches and the punishment and persecution each of them suffer for the glory of God. I do remember Jesus telling them not to bring anything with them, and to stay at the house of those who receive them, and live their blessings to them.

The Meaning of Easter

Easter is a holy tradition, one of Christianity’s main celebrations. But is the meaning start to fade away? Are we all scavenging for Easter eggs and waiting for the Easter bunny?

For I Believe God (2)

The word of God is unstoppable, irrevocable, impregnable, immutable and infallible. Stop fidgeting. Stop complaining about it.

2012 – A Different Reality Revealed!

Have you ever wondered why people keep saying that in December of 2012 our society will become somehow different and that our society will go through the most difficult times in history and will also go through a period of enlightenment that will affect each one of us? The information is a little confusing. Which one is it?

How You Can Do Miracles

“Do miracles really happen?” It was God’s still small voice to me. I remember the first time I ever saw Benny Hinn on TV. I was like, “Man that can’t be real. It looks too easy so it must be fake.”

Peter’s Authority Compared to Joseph’s Authority

The Gospel of Matthew records the bestowing of authority to lead the Church that Jesus was founding onto Peter.  The narrative from the Gospel coincides with the Old Testament account of Joseph’s authority bestowed unto him by Pharaoh.

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