Is This The Biggest Mystery In Scripture? Why Can’t Some Folks See It?

Faith – Contrasted With Faith in God

The natural man or the sinner is dead spiritually and stands condemned before God. And no amount of ordinary faith can set him free, declare him pardoned, guiltless and regenerate him except repentance and simple faith in the vicarious death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

He and His All Are For All – Good News

Sometimes, some people, either unconsciously or consciously, give the impression or draw the conclusion that God is only for them or for some others. God’s introduction of Himself to some people of old as the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, or the God of Israel should not be construed to mean that He was and is only for those persons, and so every other person must go through them to reach Him, or rule himself/herself out of the list of those for whom God and His all are.

We Have a Representative in Heaven – Good News

It is common to observe that those who have people or relatives at the corridors of power would always have some measure of confidence, boldness and hope and this tendency always affect or manifest in their lives, dealings with others and reaction to some issues that tend to threaten or bother them. This article reveals much about the matter at hand.

All Do Not End Here – Good News

The Bible sufficiently informs or reveals that all about man and life do not end here in this world. This articles helps us to identify the many areas that the Bible insists on a better life and world ahead which people can desire, seek and hope for and allow that to give them the strength and joy to go through the present one with its odds.

God is Not a Man – Good News

There is a good news or tiding for all of us in this article. It tells us that God is not a man, neither is He the son of a man. God cannot lie or repent from His gifts, callings or promises.

Shed the Old and Become Clothed As a New Creation This Spring

The stores are starting to get rid of the old winter stock and bringing in the new spring lines. I love this time of year. I get rid of socks and dig out my sandals. I put the sweatshirts away and get the tank tops out. I hate the cold weather and I am happy that spring has arrived.

Faith – The Evidence of Things Not Seen

If there is any teaching that must be repeatedly given or listen to, it is that of Faith. The reason is because faith plays a central or pivotal role in our dealings or relationship with God. Faith is the means by which we see God, reach Him, attract and activate Him into action to our favour.

Faith For Ministry – A Necessity

Ministry here refers to the specific services we render for the freedom and edification of all. The word is used of: – men and women servants of Churches; Jesus Christ rendering service to the Jews in the act of preaching, teaching and healing; those serving the Church; preachers of the gospel. Ministry therefore includes preaching, teaching, and building up babes in Christ, strengthening the weak and demoralized.

Faith in Prayers – An Absolute Necessity

No person ever prayed as Jesus did. Prayer was absolutely central to everything in Jesus’ life. Like Jesus, we must pray worshiping and thanking God in faith, i.e., seeing Him that is invisible, while we are praying, and He that rewards them that diligently worship Him. Any form of prayer, either of worship or thanksgiving, (or of whatever purpose), which is not made in faith is like speaking into the air.

Faith in Receiving Heaven’s Gifts

Heaven’s gifts in this context include salvation (in other words, forgiveness and remission of sins and regeneration of heart), circumcision of heart (i.e. Sanctification), baptism of the Holy Spirit, divine healing and health. Others are, divine protection, guidance, provision and intervention, gifts of the Holy Spirit, etc. For anyone to receive any of these heaven’s gifts, the one must believe what the Bible has revealed about such gifts.

The Ottomans – Protectors of Islam

They were first, foremost and always Muslims. They fought the unbelieving and conquered hostile land, always in the name of Allah. They called themselves the “Protectors of Islam” as they built an empire that bridged three continents and solidified Islam as the predominant religion of the Middle East. They were the Ottomans, rulers of a vast empire whose existence changed the course of world history.

Love One Another and Learn to Live Together in Peace and Harmony

The United States probably has the largest mixture of races in the world, so why can’t we all get along with each other and live in peace? We could show the world just how powerful this nation is, just by loving one another.

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