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Miracles and Christian Faith


Miracles and Christian Faith

Christian faith is based on the understanding that a human being is made up of two parts: the body and the soul. Christ came to save human beings and their souls, and to raise them up in the spirit. Miracles vary in nature and location, but they tend to occur around conversions or events where the enemy is active.

The apostles healed people through the power of the Word and the power of touch. They healed everybody, including symptomatic and organic illnesses. Some even raised the dead. However, most healing ministries today lack these characteristics. In fact, many don’t even mention divine healing. Despite its significance, it has been neglected.

One example of how this concept has been misused is the use of telepathy to heal people. Mary Baker Eddy claimed that she could heal others by telepathy. She also buried a telephone in her coffin because she thought that the devil would use it to call someone to come and get her. In spite of these warnings, Satan has managed to hook people with the promise of healing. Even in modern times, the people who preach health gospels are still hooking people by exploiting their need for physical healing and fear of disease.

Besides the teachings of Jesus, miracles are also a key part of Christian faith. Miracles have a parabolic form, meaning that they are not self-authenticating, but they are important signs that God is in the world. The Bible mentions many miracles, including healing, speaking in tongues, and prophecy.

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