It’s God’s Will for you to Carry Anointing

Bait and Camouflage

I am not a deer hunter, but my husband is. Since I like venison, that’s a good thing. Occasionally I sit with him in the deer blind. I enjoy watching the sun come up and keeping an eye out for deer. In the process, I have learned some things about how hunters prepare for the hunt.

The Bloody City of Ezekiel 22

Much of the Old Testament is confusing if one is looking at it through the eyes of the religiously minded. When religion is stripped away it makes perfect sense as it is full of prophecies and laws for the spiritual and for the end of the day.

The Day of the Great Slaughter – Isaiah 30:25

The day of the Lord has been one of torment and death and many reincarnations have seen the pain continue. Now we are at the end of it and things will change completely as those who are not of God will be removed and the spiritual will inherit the restored earth.

Cockatrice Eggs, Spider Webs, and Vipers, Isaiah 59:5

The thought that we live in webs of deceit that are too hard to escape from should be enough to wake people up to the alternatives. The things consumed in this world are killing us as the earth struggles to survive.

The Day of the Lord Was Shown in a Vision

The Day of the Lord has been a time of trouble and death. The Children of the Spirit were given over to false gods and prophets to test their spirituality. Now they are to be delivered as the day draws to a close.

Are We At the End of the World?

There is a difference between the end of the world and the end of the day of the Lord. It is the latter whose time is up as the world will be restored and those of Israel will live on it forever. That is the promise of God.

The Plan of God and Why We Are Here

The plan of God is outlined in the Old Testament and is about restoring the children of God at the end of the day. It has been overlaid and buried by religious teachings that are far from true.

Valuable to God

As I listen to people grumble and complain about the different challenges and concerns we have in life; we need to be reminded and renewed in our spirit and believe that we are valuable to God. Since He is able to care for birds in the air and feeds them and provide shelter and safety on their behalf; how much more is He able to care for us who is made in His image and likeness?

Does God Answer Prayers?

Learning about the personal nature of God helps to understand how to pray. The Spirit is with us at all times and knows everything. In fact it is the one that creates the problem in the first place and is testing you to see who you turn to for help.

Reincarnation Is in the Bible

Everyone who ever lived is back in this time which accounts for the massive overpopulation. This is how the Children of Israel have been brought through the secret path to the end of the day.

The Spiritually Blind Will Have Their Eyes Opened – Isaiah 42:16

The deaf are affected by lies and the things of the world. Only when they choose to hear the truth and open their eyes to spiritual reality will they be released from the prison that holds them.

The Plan of God and the End of Days As Proclaimed in Prophecies

Following my reincarnation and passage from life to life the things shown to me are part of the plan that will see the in-gathering of the Children of Israel. There is no heaven, hell, devil, angels or saints as religion teaches but only the Spirit of which we are a part.

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