It’s Only Getting Worse

Purim: Why Did the Womanizer, King Ahasuerus, Select a Jewish Girl for His Queen?

It is customary to think that Esther was selected to become Ahasuerus’ wife because of her beauty and Godly luck. Such an explanation, however, obscures a Biblical lesson in how to supplement luck with good analysis and planning, a lesson that can be gleaned from observing Mordecai’s actions in the Book of Esther.

The Origins of the Menorah

What is the Menorah? Menorah is a Hebrew word meaning lamp. The original Menorah of the Temple in Jerusalem was a sacred candelabrum with seven branches that serves as the most common Jewish symbol to this very day.

Should Women Wear Pants?

Many assemblies, organizations, families and individuals are in disagreement over this topic: “Should Women Wear Pants?” Many are of the opinion that Christian women who wear pants are not saved.

God and Flatulence

Is the natural world a divine product or isn’t it? Are our bodies miracles from a divine source or aren’t they? Stay with this thought to consider if the ordinary is not equal to the sublime.

The Cross Pendant – Returning To Our Spiritual Roots

The cross pendant has always been a classic and stylish jewelry piece that adds finesse to any outfit. Nowadays, we can observe a rebirth of this classy cross pendants, as the today’s artisans are blending the most important beliefs and culture with the latest trends in the niche, using hi-tech technology and adding a touch of creativity. Simple and alluring, classy but fashionable, these impressive symbolic pieces can range in size and length based on the statement you want to make.

Finding the Right Church

Finding a church where you fit in is hard…real hard. But the good thing is that there certainly is a church out there that you will like. It may just take time and effort to find it.

Spiritual Awakening and the UFO Phenomenon

This article reviews the emerging perceptions of the UFO phenomenon and suggests there is a spiritual connection to contact with beings of higher consciousness. There are several factors suggesting that UFOs are part of a broad spectrum of events heralding a new awareness, and awaking to our spiritual identity. Besides UFOs, we see evidence in near-death experiences, and works of New Age literature.

The Majestic, My Discoveries Of Japanese Buddha Statues

Japanese Buddha Statues are masterful and magnificent creations. When I began to do some research on Japanese Buddha Statues… I discovered “The Majestic”!

Mennonites Are Radical Peacemakers

Mennonites stand out from the world as a peculiar people. Their plain clothing attracts attention to them, but it is their stance of nonresistance that really sets them apart. Nonresistance willingly lays aside self rights in an era when human rights are valued and defended. Nonresistance places the protection of self and even loved ones in God’s hands.

Christian Fanatics and Suicide

If you are not African and you are a Christian, then you probably often wonder how your Christian brethren in Africa practice Christianity. Do they have true faith in God; or do they troop to church on Sundays simply because it is the ‘right’ Christian thing to do? Contemporary Christians in Africa do have faith in Christ and God quite alright; the problem is that too many ignorant ones die for misconstrued faith. Welcome to “The Invasion Of The Funky Pastors,” the miniseries that brings you tidbits on ignorant and mischievous Christianity in Nigeria, West Africa.

The Final Days Of Gautama Buddha’s Life

The Buddha had passed away in 543 A.D but his teachings, his wisdom and compassion have been learnt by generations after generation, form one country to the other, from one decade to the present day. Here, in this article, enrich yourself about the incidences that defined the last few days in the life of the Buddha before he reached the state of Paramnirvana – the ultimate enlightenment.

The Art Of How To

Advice on how to become happier, healthier, wiser, and financially successful is all over the internet. Oprah and Dr. Phil are revered as the Dalai Lamas of the United States. The truth is, they can’t solve our problems any more than we can. The real answer is simple and has been at our fingertips for thousands of years.

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