Jealousy will KILL YOU! Learn How To Avoid Letting It In Your LIFE!

A Need for Vigilance in These Perilous Times

Have you ever wondered if God is listening when your praying? Do you make an effort to praise him in worship first before continuing on? Do you make an effort to still yourself before you pray? Put a space in your heart for him? This short space of words will help you learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit, make room in your heart for God, and discern what it means to pray to your God. This article gives a glimpse into the Almighty’s mindset and what you need to do to communicate in prayer with him.

Dead Ends

Winding up on a dead end road can be frustrating. It can happen it you don’t pay attention to the signs.

The Heart of Psalm 119

In every reading of Psalm 119, I am captivated by it. I discover a new theme, another revelation of God and more depth of understanding of the heart of the man who wrote it.

STOP Watching Churches Die

Are you watching your church membership wither away? Just watching… a very long and drawn out death… slowly draining away the last bit of energy and resources. You may know the main problems causing decline… you may even know the solutions. But by delaying action, solutions now sometimes seem like big problems and problems like simple solutions. So instead of digging out… you avoid conflict, dig in on the causes, and hasten the death toll. The youngest are the first to fall off… babies, children, teens… and then the heartbroken and devastated families perish with them. Buildings begin to empty, banks move in and start to foreclose in record numbers, but still nothing changes. Sadly, this is the state of many mainstream Protestant churches in America!

Choosing the Right Fruit

Notice in the Garden of Eden, God did not give Adam a long list of things not to do or to avoid; rather, He presented him with the blessings of His creation. Believers are tired of hearing about things that they should avoid.

Is Dispensationalism Really Biblical?

Many Christians still follow a method of biblical interpretation that they have been taught is more faithful to Scripture as God’s word than any other set of beliefs. Now, rather than shaking anyone’s faith, I would encourage a fresh review of these beliefs – test everything by Scripture, as God’s infallible and inspired word.

Is Dispensationalism Biblical Christianity?

There are many confused ideas about just what is Christianity. Some people draw such thick lines where there is little or no space for them at all, especially in relation to the issue of the Church and Israel and the nature of the gospel. This article offers an outline of this subject that has caused many Christians to become entangled in complicated knots.

Why I Am a Muslim

I cannot say how well my story represents those of the estimated over three million Americans of African descent who have converted to Islam in the last few decades, but I would guess our stories share common threads. As a child born into a Christian family, the granddaughter of a Baptist minister and his very devout wife, I was required to attend Sunday School and church services every week.

Salvation in Christianity

In the last article, the concept of salvation in Islam was covered. This article shall pose some questions concerning salvation in Christianity.

Christianity and Roman Emperor Constantine

While people are easily led they fall foul of criminals and religious groups whose aim is to convert them to stories of myths promoted as reality. From ancient ancestral beings until now the same have been reworked into ever better sounding tales of the divine. Now the Spirit has allowed the facts to be known.

Heaven and Hell Are Tricks of the Imagination

If something cannot be seen, heard, tasted, felt or smelt then it does not exist. How much evidence is there for heaven and hell when none of these things are present? The brainwashing behind religious survival forms a large part of the crimes against humanity that urgently need addressing.

Speaking in Tongues and Communicating With God

The Spirit communicates with Its people through a special language called ‘tongues’. The ability to use this channel is reserved for those of the spirit who are otherwise called the Children of Israel.

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