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Miracle Healing As a Foundation of Christian Faith


Miracle Healing As a Foundation of Christian Faith

The foundation of Christian faith is the belief that God is real. Christians believe that they have a personal relationship with the Almighty. The Bible reveals this relationship by showing first-hand accounts of God’s work through Jesus and his apostles. The apostle Paul also wrote epistles that detail supernatural events.

The early church grew rapidly, and some of the first converts to Christianity were healed by miracles. Later, in the fourth century, the church’s membership rose from five to thirty million. However, many of these converts were mere nominal Christians who sought healing and higher status jobs. Conversion was a risky affair – it carried the penalty of prison or even execution.

Christians also believe that the sacraments are powerful tools for healing. According to the Catechism, Jesus touched the sick throughout his ministry and his healing power continues in the sacraments. In addition to the Eucharist, which is the bread that gives eternal life, two other sacraments possess powerful healing powers.

In addition, faith has been important in healing for nearly two thousand years. While modern beliefs sometimes allow science to override faith, healing remains an important part of the Christian faith. It helped spread the gospel throughout Christian history, and God’s power of healing can help us today.

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