Jesus Delivered Her and Saved Her


What is Christianity?

Christianity is a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians believe in the teachings of the Bible and they try to live according to those principles.

There are many misconceptions about christianity, and this article is intended to clear those up.

The term ‘Christian’ is a Greek word that means ‘follower of Jesus’ or ‘follower of God’.

Christians follow a set of beliefs and practices that make them more like Jesus, such as fasting, marriage, prayer, funerals, and pilgrimage to holy sites associated with the life of Jesus.

In a nutshell, Christians believe that they were created by a loving God, and that He is the only God who can save us from our sins.

We also believe that our salvation begins now, in this life, and will be complete when Jesus comes again to rule over all things.

The majority of Christians believe that there will be a place called “Heaven” for those who are good people and practice Christian faith. The Bible says that this is where we will spend eternity with God.

But there are some who do not share these beliefs and do not follow the teachings of a true Christian. These are called “hypocrites” and counterfeits of a real faith.

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