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What is Celestial Marriage? Mormon Religion Beliefs Uncovered

Anyone that has been doing any type of studying or showing an interest into what the Mormons believe and stand for and have a true knowledge of the Bible itself are going to realize that there are many fallacies that this particular religion falls into. Although one must admit that there are several interesting parts of the Mormon religion although not believable still have an interest to them. One of the biggest interests is the Celestial marriage.

The Link Between Divorce, Happiness and the Mormon Religion – Bizarre Mormonism Truths

There have been some statistics coming out Utah about the Latter-Day Saints Church. Why Utah is so prominent is because 70% of the population there are of the Mormon faith. Whats even more interesting is that 94% of the state is white and other interesting factor is that Utah has claimed the title as being a very dangerous place.

Why Are the Most Famous People All Mormons? – What is in it For Them?

When an individual begins to become familiar with the Mormon faith one of the hardest aspects of the faith to accept is the baptism of the dead. This is something that most churches nowadays do not practice. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints known as the Mormons do continue this practice and are quite aggressive in its pursuit.

Do You Know What It’s Like to Be a Mormon? – The Life of a Latter Day Saint

Most often when an individual is on the search for a religion that is suited for them they will take a look at different types. One such individual reiterates a story of looking for what felt right for them and in their particular case they came across the Mormon religion and felt that this was their choice. As a result they are very grateful for all that has come out of it being that they are happy and have a good marriage with children. At the same time life hasn’t always been perfect for this particular individual but they still feel very blessed.

Complete Studies on the Book of Mormon – Mormon Religion Overview

An individual that is a Mormon will tell you that their church is a strong encouragement in their reading of their book of Mormon on a daily basis. Even though the Prophets support this it is not uncommon for a Mormon to get taken up with the other aspects of life and forget to read their book. They do not take away from the emphasis that the book of Mormon is what the truth of their church is based on and it is critical reading material. It is extremely an important that for a Mormon to make the reading of the book of Mormon a part of their daily life.

Are Mormons a Cult Or Are They Based on Christianity?

The Mormon base part of their doctrine on the fact that they feel that Christ became a man and therefore that Mormons should strive to be more Christlike and therefore becoming Gods. They base a lot of their doctrine in this regard for this particular area from the book of Romans often the Holy Bible and this is their take or their version of what they feel that this book is in reference to or at least parts of it.

The Mormon Cult – Facts and Myths About the Mormon Religion

Over the past 2 millennia, Christianity and the Catholic Church has evolved and grown to become the largest religious group in the world today. Although Christianity began as a Jewish sect with belief in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, over the centuries, many cults, sects, and groups like the Mormons, evolved to impart their own understanding and beliefs of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Read This If You Are a Mormon – Religious Facts About the LDS Mormons

If one were to ask at the Mormon what their beliefs are they will more than likely refer you to the 13 articles of faith. These are points at that were written by their founder Joseph Smith in order to explain what the Mormon church is based on. The Mormon church incidentally is the Church of latter-day Saints.

Do Mormons Accept Christ As God? LDS Scriptures and LDS Lessons

So really what is the biggest contention between the Christians as the world knows them and the doctrine of the Mormons? Basically what it comes down to is that Mormons do not consider themselves as Christians as this world knows them. Mormons do believe that Christ is the son of God whereas Christians will relate that he is not only the son of God but God himself where as the Mormons break the two into two separate being.

The Craziest Mormon Beliefs – Temple Mormon LDS Books and Secrets

The Mormons are a large curiosity to people who are not Mormon. They have a basic core belief that is good and right. They believe in family and taking care of others. They also have some strange beliefs that come with all that goodness. Let’s examine a few of those and see what you think.

Christianity vs Mormonism – The Idea of Multiple Gods?

In respect to this question the Mormons believe that because the Bible says that we will become joint heirs with Christ and become like him that this is where others will become Gods. They believe that yes that Mormons can become Gods but it has a limited factor to it and this is in the sense that they can be Gods representatives or servants. They again will refer to the Bible using the word God in plural several times.

What a Mormon Believes – Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saint Beliefs

It must be quite difficult for Mormons to be constantly challenged about their religion. It doesn’t matter whether it is a senior of the church or a young Mormon missionary. When one listens to a young person particularly about Mormonism it is not hard to see that they totally believe in what they stand for and have every right to promote their beliefs.

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