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Miracle Healing During the Apostolic Era


Miracle Healing During the Apostolic Era

During the apostolic era, apostles were limited in their power. They had no power to perform miracles like walking on water or raising the dead. However, they did have a certain set of apostolic gifts, such as prophecy, healing, and discernment of spirits. These gifts were not for keeping Christians healthy, but rather to point to them as messengers of God.

In the apostolic era, the apostles never healed people outside of the presence of Jesus. Instead, they were to use their power to battle against the forces of the devil and the powers of the world.

In the fifth century, serious Christians began to flee urban corruption and found refuge in villages and deserts. Desert fathers, or ordinary Christians, were often reluctant to pray for healing. Consequently, prayer for the sick was usually restricted by church leaders.

In the twelfth century, the anointing of the sick was renamed extreme unction. It was reserved for those who were in danger of dying. However, the gift of healing continued in sacraments.

The healings of Jesus testify to his compassion for the sick. Moreover, they testify to his divinity. They also testify to the power of faith.

In the fourth century, the church grew rapidly. Every generation, half a million new converts joined. Most of the new converts joined after they were healed. Moreover, the church added another half a million new converts every generation for three centuries.

Christ came to save souls. His authority over unclean spirits enabled the disciples to cast them out of people. He likewise gave authority to his disciples to bind strong men. He taught that when demons were cast out, the Kingdom of God would be manifested.

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