Central Themes and Concepts in Religious Philosophies

They appear to be different when religions are casually looked upon by those seeking answers about the Great Power of the Universe. When examined in detail, however, the similarities between them far outweigh the differences between them. On a casual look over their commonalities it was easy to total more than 25 and that without even looking at the less obvious.

Philosophy of Religion Is Centered on Arguments for Proof of the Existence of God

The numerous claim that there is a God and that ‘he’ resides in heaven and rules a kingdom above the earth is losing ground because of the contradictions with science and space. Until a few years ago the supporters of such a claim could get away with it, but not so today unless the people they preach to are blind and deaf to reality. This is a time of enlightenment and the Internet and current journeys into space prove them wrong.

Religion Is Without Evidence to Support Its Basic Claims

No court will hear a case that is presented without evidence in support of claims either for or against a defendant. People, however, readily accept the notions of heaven and hell without a scrap of evidence in support and some pay handsomely in expectation of acceptance into an eternal paradise. The dreams increase through sermons while threats of hell and eternal damnation make it essential to believe; so what is at the root of these myths?

The Meaning and Nature of Religion

The nature of religion is not natural, but it comes from the dreams of men who anticipated they could rise to heaven and become gods. The means of religion is a force to hide the real God, the Great Spirit of the Universe, who has no physical presence to be admired or imitated. The false gods of religion have served the purpose of bringing to mind the fact that there is a Great Creator and that in the end ‘he’ or ‘it’ will make itself known.

Theologians Begin With a Set of Beliefs As Foundational or Fundamental

The term ‘theology’ come from ‘the O’ which is an old term for God. A vision showed me the circle when a group gathered at dawn and observed the dispersed light from the rising sun form a colourful series of rings they called ‘Mary’, or ‘mother’s powerful eye’. Its symbols are the five-pointed star and the cross, which forms in the center of it.

Answers Offered by Religion Are Not Open to Scrutiny of Reason and Logic

It’s an overlooked fact by religious followers that their ‘faith’ is based on a philosophy of dreams that are not open to reason or scrutiny. In fact, anyone attempting such scrutiny or comparison with other religions are promised a swift trip to hell. It’s how religious bodies survive as a discipline given by God with laws that must be obeyed.

Why Philosophy Overrides Reincarnation and the Truth

People love to dream and to make the impossible seem possible. They twist the facts into crazy forms of life that takes them into a world of fiction and make-believe. This claim is borne out by ideas related to the novel and often incomprehensible world of the film industry and publications based on sheer nonsense.

Jesus Sighed

There are times when responses by others miss the mark or they fail to exhibit a positive reaction. Those in the ministry have felt frustrated when their congregations fail to respond in the expected way. One area in which frustration can be exhibited is through sighing.

Faith Is Belief in the Ridiculous While Evidence to the Contrary Overrides It

When one has no better argument to support their claims then they tell you to ‘believe’ or ‘trust’ them. How many times do we hear these words from politicians and salespeople who have no better persuasive device than that? How many fall for it?

The Huge Fraud and Conspiracy to Hide the Truth

The past holds the keys to the future and looking back over human behaviour is a look into the roots of things that run the world today. First and foremost, our progress is based on religion and its roots are in sun-worship. Why should this be a surprise or even of interest in today’s world?

The Influence of a Past Life Experience

On returning to life one brings with them certain knowledge, such as that the real God is Spirit and not a trinity or the sun as worshiped in most religious groups and systems. My reincarnation verified that the Great Creative Power of the Universe is in control and it has delivered the last days and judgment for all. At the start of spirituality among humans, some 4,000 years ago (as shown to me in a vision), the laws were given for keeping it.

If It Is in God’s Plan Then It Must Be Carried Out

There is no escaping the will of God and we are all part of it. Nothing happens without a reason and although we can’t always understand what that outcome will be the smallest action adds to the whole. Like ripples that form when a stone is tossed into a pond every action is part of the waves that follows.

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