JEZEBEL manifested in a woman and THREW A FIT!

Discover The Will of God For Your Life Decisions

Would you like to know God’s will for your life? How to discern God’s will for daily situations, or discover his plans for very important decisions of our life, such as marriage and career? Here are some of the simple bible based steps to find God’s will. It provides practical steps or preparation in discovering God’s will for your life.

The Bible, a Living Document

Sir Isaac Newton is quoted saying that “There are more sure marks of authenticity in the Bible than in any other profound history.” The Bible is indeed a living document, the very word of God. Let us explore three types of evidence to verify this fact. Consider 1) the “manuscript evidence”, 2) knowledge written thousands of years ago that science has proven to be accurate, and 3) the fulfillment prophecies contained in the Bible.

The Death of a Nation

Our nation was formed and grew strong when Christian values were the basis of who we were. But all this is changing. There are those now who believe they have a better way, and so they discard God’s way for there own secular mania. As a result we see our nation crumbling around us and we ask; Will we survive?

Water Baptism – How the Bible Based Ordinance of Baptism Reflects Heavenly Realities

The author speaks concerning how water baptism reflects spiritual (heavenly) realities which picture the salvation that comes from Jesus. Establishing that the importance of the practice of water baptism is found in the understanding, and the acceptance of faith of the heavenly truths represented in the physical act of baptism. Is child baptism Biblical? Is baptism by sprinkling Biblical? These questions are discussed in this article.

Why Do Churches Have So Many Hypocrites?

Do you know the #1 reason people are turned off by organized religion? They don’t like hypocrites! Why are there so many hypocrites in church? How should you respond when someone tells you that’s why they don’t go to church? Discover the true explanation for why there are so many hypocrites in church…

What Are Bhajans?

Bhajans were first found in the fourth book of the Vedas, Sama Veda. Bhajans are generally sung in groups with one person leading and the rest following him, singing in chorus. The lyrics of these bhajans generally depict the lives, glory of Indian Gods, their teachings or any other anecdote. Bhajans have profound appeal to the masses because of their colloquial renderings and proximity to the God. Bhajans have been deeply rooted into the Hindu tradition and is an integral part of their culture. You can see people singing bhajans and hymns on almost every other occasion. The popularity of bhajans can be judged from the fact that there are different bhajans for different occasion and their number is growing exponentially.

Why Buy a CTR Ring

There are many reasons that a member or non-member of the Mormon Church might buy a CTR or other LDS ring. Some may wear the ring as a trend, or because they are fashionable. However, most wear the ring because of the strong underlying spiritual symbolism.

God Picks a Pretty Mean Fight!

Life is never quite as just as it should be. Sure, things turn out justly a lot of the time, but we can find many examples where justice simply does not play out during the course of our lives. God slowly makes things just, but overall, there is a justice gap in this ordinary world…

Women’s Ministry

Every church is unique and your Women’s Ministry will be equally as distinctive. A Mission Statement will help you concentrate on the big picture of “who” you will be as a Women’s Ministry first, so that afterward you may decide what you should “do”. Mission Statements don’t answer every question, but they do simplify the decision-making process and provide focus during times of uncertainty. A mission statement allows your team to flourish without getting too fragmented.

What We Can Learn From Moses About Spirituality, Achievement and Faith

This article offers information on Moses as an inspirational character that we can all see as someone to inspire us to greater connection to God and increased faith and achievement in our lives. It’s a great article to learn a little bit about Passover and about Moses as well.

Obtaining Faith-Based Grants – Getting Money For the Lord

No matter if you’re a leader of a place of worship, or a religious-based center, you need help in paying your bills… and serving your community. There’s certainly nothing wrong with asking for money to promote your faith of choice – especially if you’re running a Christian-based group or place of worship.

Praying Holy Christians Victoriously Storming the Gates of Hell

There are two types of praying by Christians who are holy and desire to break down the gates of hell. One is fleshly, not praying with full faith. Instead, they hope to see their prayers come to pass. This is what I call (mind prayers) or praying in the flesh.

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