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Christian Faith – A History of Deliverance and Miracles


Christian Faith – A History of Deliverance and Miracles

Christian faith focuses on the person and the purpose of life. It claims that Jesus came to save humanity, body and soul. In his public ministry, Christ healed people and performed miracles. He did so in circumstances that fueled his enemies’ anger. While some of these miracles occurred in public places, others took place in private homes.

The early church was a very active place in the world, with revivals occurring on every continent. Many Christians claimed that they had been saved by God and had received the “new birth” experience, a feeling of forgiveness from sin. They also claimed to have experienced the “second blessing,” an infilling of the Holy Spirit. This brought spiritual freedom from the power and pollution of sin. Some also believed that they had experienced freedom from sickness.

Christians also attribute the power of prayer to God. The Bible is full of miracles. These miracles attest to the divinity of Jesus and his deep concern for the suffering. As such, Christians believe that God has the power to heal the sick. Despite the fact that these miracles can happen in the past, they are most often associated with Jesus’s life and work in the present.

Christianity was embraced by indigenous Africans, who read the Bible and saw God doing miracles. As the gospel spread, African Christians began to experience signs, wonders, and healings. As a result, they began to form indigenous churches. These churches evolved into the Pentecostal movements that exist today.

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