Just Got A Check For 100,000

The Eternal Light of Jesus’ Wisdom

We can all too easily fall for the trap of formulising life, thinking at some point we’ve ‘made it’. It’s called pride, and we’re all susceptible. The Teacher of Ecclesiastes, however, is saying, “No matter the level of our success or acquired wisdom, we’ll never reach a point in life when all of life makes complete sense and our way is paved.”

Abundantia, Goddess of Prosperity and Good Fortune

Abundantia is an European Goddess of prosperity. She punishes the wicked, vain and lazy, and rewards the kind, modest and hardworking.

The Five Meanings of Amen

What does Amen really mean? Actually it has a few meanings, and surprisingly, the Amen said when hearing a blessing or the Kaddish, the Jewish mourner’s prayer, carries a number of them simultaneously. The first thing amen means is Belief.

The Purpose of Religion

The great journey of transformation, from inner slavery to spiritual awakening and enlightenment, has been called “The Return to the Promised Land”, “The Quest for the Holy Grail”, “Muhammad’s Journey to the Seven Heavens”, and many other symbolic names. In other words, all the sacred Scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have the common aim of teaching us how to raise our level of Being and return to a state of conscious union with Divinity – a process that is universally known as Spiritual Initiation. The different ways that these stories are told attests to the marvelous range of the human imagination, but the commonality of method and purpose that unites these stories is infinitely more striking than any of the differences. When this common inner purpose is understood, the stunning underlying unity of all our Traditions is revealed, and the major motivation for religious hatred and war disappears.

Dissing the Second Coming: To Quell or to Quash?

First it was Greece followed by Spain and now Ireland’s economy is in the straights and the Emerald Isle is seeking a loan from the EU of not less than 10 billion Euros. The price for this loan: less Irish sovereignty.

Messianic Movement, Law and Sabbath

Many People are getting interested in the above and there is much confusion out there. I want to give an answer to each from a Biblical perspective and do it in a way that is as brief as possible using a letter I received recently. I want to begin by stating that we will use the Bible as our sole authority, and as the only rule of faith and practice.

Eternal Life Defined

Spoken not long before his crucifixion, Christ gave us his definition of eternal life in John Chapter 17 verse 3: “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” But what exactly does it mean to ‘know’ God?

The Truth About Salvation

Do you believe yourself to be truly saved. Jesus said that not everyone who says Lord Lord,will enter the Kingdom of Heaven,but he who does the will of the Father. If you are unsure of your personal salvation I would encourage you to read this quick message. I pray that it points you in the right direction, towards the right scriptures that will help you to examine yourself and decide between you and God if you are truly walking in faith.

The Sabbath – Should Christians Worship on Saturday?

The Sabbath versus Sunday debate is an important one. Why? Because the bible is absolutely clear on which day is to be set aside for worship, and this isn’t just for Seventh-Day Adventists either. There are many arguments for and against worshiping on the Sabbath, but the evidence is clear which day we are to obey.

Is Christmas Christian?

What are the Origins of Christiams? Did the apostles ever celebrate it?

Leading Praise and Worship When It All Bombs!

If you have been leading praise and worship for any length of time you will realize that there are mornings but don’t go well. Even those experienced in worship will have good days and bad days, but the big questions after you have a day when things do not go right are how do you face it, how do you overcome it and how do you not to repeat it?

The Scroll of Revelation, 21 – Who Is the Man of Sin?

The world won’t see it coming. The man will be so wonderful and powerful. But the church will know. Prophecies were written just for them! Know your future, Church! Be ready!

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