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What Is Christianity?


Christianity combines beliefs from ancient Judaism with elements from the dominant culture of the Roman Empire. The result was a new religion that became widespread throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. Its most distinctive beliefs are that Jesus is the messiah, that God loves all people, and that a person’s faith in Jesus gives them eternal life. Its most distinctive practices are prayer, daily Bible reading, and church attendance.

Many Christians believe that God will heal everyone who has faith and obeys Him. They imply that those Christians who are not healed must be either completely faithless or disobedient to God. However, the biblical text says that the Holy Spirit “gives to one faith, and to another gifts of healing, and to another working of miracles” (1 Corinthians 12:7-11).

Some Christians use a technique called deliverance to cast out demons from those they see as possessed. They claim that the Holy Spirit is present with them as they speak in a tongue or yell at the demons, and then they pray to God for His deliverance. This reduces all personal problems to demonic possession and ignores genuine physical ailments.

Some Christians also use a method called miraculous healing to restore the body of a sick person. The practice relies on the belief that healing is an important part of Jesus’ ministry as recorded in the Gospels and the Book of Acts. It claims that Jesus gave his disciples the power to heal, and that when they commanded a sickness to go, it obeyed. They also believe that the Holy Spirit is still indwelling people and can perform miracles.

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