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From Yeshua to Jesus (Part 8 of Many)

In Syria and Jordan, to non-Jews, Paulus taught a new belief system, a much simplified version of the commandments topped by the worship of Yeshua resurrected adding, as he went, the epithet Son of God. Mark and Matthew wrote their gospels a few years after that, only to have them altered by a number of anonymous brush strokes on parchments.

The Epidemic of Shortage of Men in the Church

There is a great disparity in most churches, especially African American and Caribbean Churches between the number of women and men present. What accounts for this and what are the effects of this shortage of men? What can be done to reverse this undesirable situation?

Homosexuality: What Does the Bible Say?

Instead of asking, ‘Should gay marriages be allowed?’ ‘Should homosexuality be criminalised?’ ‘Is homosexuality a right practice?’ and ‘Are people born homosexual?’ as Christians, I think the question we need to ask is ‘What does the Bible say about homosexuality?’

God Revealed At Christmas

Many Christians worship graven images. They worship a god who has been carved out in their imaginations instead of the true and living God. That’s the error Jesus came to correct. We will only know the truth about God in the face of Jesus Christ.

God’s Test in Ethical Arguments

In the contemporary day there is all sense of fogginess over diametrically opposed issues in the ethical sphere: same-sex marriage; abortion; whistle-blowing websites on paedophilia; pornography in society etc. Commonly, people diverge. They take a view, having considered sides of the argument-in-question, and commit to a decision. It may be the prerogative of a human being to do this, to form an opinion, but it’s where those opinions take us that are the key issues. Where a person feels they are destined, and where they actually end up can be two different things.

Why Creation Period of 4.5 Billion Years and Bible Time of 6 Days Are in Sync

The biggest challenge to the credibility of the story of creation is that the Bible says it took 6 days, each 24 hours, and science teaches it took 4.5 billion years. While the Sages could never defend their position and could only believe because of blind faith, today we can prove both versions are correct and understand why.

Apocalypse 2012: What Does the Bible Say?

Recent revelation of a 1,300-year-old Mayan inscription on 2012 indicates that the Mayans did not foresee the world ending next year; instead, they appeared to have predicted a new age beginning on December 21, 2012. Though “2012” proponents still believe there will be a global apocalypse in 2012, it appears that, in regard to dating the end of the world, there is agreement with Bible prophecy. This article examines why the world cannot end in 2012.

When God’s Instructions Seem Unreasonable

Sometimes God gives us instructions that may seem to us unreasonable. We only get to know its rationality only after we’ve obeyed what He commanded.

How to Find Rest for Your Weary Soul

Tired from the busyness and the challenges of life? This article provides some biblical advice on how to find rest for your weary soul.

Social Justice Is Not a Theology – It’s the Heart of Christ

In Mark 1:40 (NKJV) the bible tells a story, “Now a leper came to Him, imploring Him, kneeling down to Him and saying to Him, “If You are willing, You can make me clean,” Then Jesus, moved with compassion (my emphasis), stretched out His hand and touched him, and said to him, “I am willing; be cleansed.”” Let’s journey down deep a minute.

Christian Persecution on the Rise As Christmas Approaches

As people in Western countries prepare to comfortably enjoy the holiday season, a growing problem is infecting other parts of the world. In many places, Christians are finding it harder to openly celebrate Christmas.

The Reckoning – The Beginning Of The Beginning

George Washington dedicated the United States of America to God in 1789, in speech (his inaugural address at the Federal Hall) and then in prayer, at St Paul’s Chapel. There is a statue of George Washington kneeling in prayer in this chapel in Lower Manhattan, New York City. That’s right New York City was the nations first capital.

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