KEYS to DELIVERANCE W/ Kathryn Krick

Islam Was the Model for All Religions

It’s hard to imagine it in today’s world where diversity of religious beliefs is so profound. The antagonism between them is now so deep that to suggest they are the same in different forms is almost ludicrous. That is, however, exactly what is being revealed here.

Could Moses Write and Did He Even Exist?

There are hundreds of pages in the Old Testament that are attributed to Moses and the laws supposedly handed down to him by God. But is this some kind of trick played out by those who needed to impress their own agenda on the people. There were some pretty ‘crafty’ leaders and scribes in those days and, like Shakespeare, there is a question mark over who actually wrote the works attributed to him.

Prophecies Deny Jesus Christ Is the Son of God

It was the easiest thing in the world to include passages in the Prophecies of the Old Testament to make it align with his book. Jerome was appointed to create a text that the branches of the religion of Constantine could follow to help them to understand the new Trinity God they were expected to preach about. This had been a contentious issue at the Council of Nicaea when the Catholic Church was established by the emperor.

Christian and Muslim Faiths Have the Same Roots

The difference between them seems huge but the facts are that the Christian and Muslim religions have the same origin and the latter came from the former. This is known because of the teaching by the Spirit which commissioned me to ‘tear down the wall of churches and bring back the young.’ It then led me on a tour of discovery that took me back to Babylon and the beginning of organised religion – Islam.

Why People Are Turning Away From Religion

Religious leaders and those in support of them are worried by the drift away and the apparent loss of ‘faith’ that once ensured their survival. It is, however, in the plan of God that this happens and all who have lived are now back as they have reincarnated. This is God’s hidden passage and my reincarnation proves that heaven and hell, on which religions are based, are nothing but myths and the dreams of those who think beyond reality.

Miracles Are Happening Today As the Real God Is Back

While those of ‘faith’ are waiting on the return of Jesus Christ the real God is the Spirit of the Universe. It is making itself known through the people called the children of Israel (Ezekiel 39:29). They are the ones ‘blossoming’ now as they perform miracles of healing and gather together in groups waiting for the harvest.

Jerome Inserted Passages in the Old Testament to Support Constantine’s Religion

Many rely on passages that appear to forecast the birth of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament without giving weight to the prophecies that deny it. History does not support the claims in the New Testament while the writings of those who stand by them are like a thick carpet of vomit hiding their roots. Articles like this won’t convince ‘believers’ of their folly unless they have a link to the Spirit that witnesses the truth when they hear it.

A Prophecy About Noah

The earliest of men knew how to hear from God. Noah’s dad spoke some wise words over his little baby, which all came to pass.

The Image of Beauty and the 5-Point Star of Islam

It is an extremely pretty sight and when there was little else around to match it the people of the pre-historic world called it a god. They named it Mary and it means ‘mother’s powerful eye’. In the vision that explained it there was a crowd of people gathered on a hill-top facing east and staring at a small circular hole in a stone held aloft on a pole.

The Hungry Mob Devours the Bible Full of Human Excreta

It was a sickening thing to see but the vision was so descriptive of what people are absorbing as food when they read the bible. It showed food rolls cooked to perfection when a hand lifted them from the oil with a slotted spoon and tipped them into a toilet of human excreta. The lot then cooked together before it returned and served it up to the hungry mob holding plates out in front of them.

Why Do the Religious Pray at Altars Full of Vomit?

Most are not aware of how much vomit they plough through in their attempt to find God. They enter churches full of idols and statues created by artists to look attractive and yet they are the excreta of men who wanted fame and wealth. They are products manufactured on the dreams of men to enter heaven and become gods.

The Mountain of Knowledge Spreads Forth Truth in the Last Days

It was promised for the last days and a sign of their arrival. It is the Mountain of God or Mount Zion where all truth will be revealed (Micah 1:4). It is the Internet and the zillions of pages of information is now available to the world for free to bring light into the dark world of religious deception.

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