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What is the ‘Home Church’ Movement?

Are you interested in finding out more about the Home Church Movement? Was Jesus part of the Home Church Movement? Do you want to start your own home cell group?

A Purpose, a Plan, and a Reason For Being – Essential to Your Ministry Strategic Plan!

A Strategic Plan, a must have for every nonprofit, determines the overall direction and goals of the organization. A Strategic Plan identifies where the organization wants to be at some point in the future and how it is going to get there. It addresses your organization’s challenges and barriers, outlines a funding and fund raising strategy, and analyzes internal strengths and weaknesses.

Experiencing God!

Does it sound mysterious or spooky to you? Or does it sound farfetched? Either way does not surprise me, because even many Christians have a limited understanding of the things of the spirit and struggle in their attempt to communicate with God…

How to Be Redeemed by Jesus Christ

Redemption is offered to us on a platter. We can all be redeemed.

The Godless States of America

There is an ever-growing persistence by some to get rid of God, give Him the heave-ho and pretend that He does not exist. Those of faith, any faith but particularly Christians, are considered by the elite thinkers to be one step above the Neanderthals – uneducated and uninspired without understanding the new way of thinking. They point to the notion that separation of church and state is a founding tenant on which this country was built, but what they seem to want is freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion.

Bible Verse Balloon Volleyball – A Fun Bible Memory Verse Activity

To be honest, volleyball has never been one of my favorite sports. The ball always hurt my hand when it can time to volley it. However, balloon volleyball is a different story. I could play it for hours, especially when I combine it with God’s Word. Why not try this fun game with your kids the next time you want them to memorize one of God’s amazing Scriptures?

Leadership That Was Rotten and Corrupt Meets Leadership That is Pure and Powerful and Dynamic

If you are looking for dynamic positive encouraging and successful leadership here it is at the highest possible level. For two thousand years this quality of leadership has worked wherever it has been applied and implemented. What makes a man is not where he has come from but where he is going. It is a desert wasteland out there, but bring a river to a desert and an oasis can be produced. Drink, and be filled, and satisfied, and overflow, and lead. We are designed to be satisfied, and to satisfy.

Peter’s Transformation

Peter was called by God in the midst of his daily labor. His was a workplace conversion. God transformed Peter from a common fisherman to an anointed miracle worker.

The Rooster – A Symbol of the Walk to Emmaus

The rooster is a well-known symbol of the Walk to Emmaus. The Emmaus Walk originated in Spain in 1949, initiated by the Roman Catholic Church, as a small course in Christianity. The Spanish name is “Cursillo de Cristiandad.” The “theme song” for the “Cursillos” was/is “De Colores”-“of colors.” The song is about all the colors of God’s creation-the fields of flowers in the springtime, the “clothing” of the birds each season, the rainbow across the sky, of the sunrise and the sunset, and, of course, the many colors of the rooster.

A Lifeline in These Troubled Times

Like many people in these troubled times, a number of things in my life have changed too. My wife Kathy and I have had to make lots of adjustments. But there is one thing that we will never ever consider letting go of; it is our lifeline.

Be Thirsty and Drink Deeply and Do Not Be Too Surprised at the Remarkable Spiritual Consequences

When so many are only interested in the things of this world, it is good and also essential to be sure of where you are going once this brief life is over. Jesus is looking forward, to that day when he would pour out the Living Water upon people, which would be the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit, and we read of that happening in Acts Chapter 2.

Knowing the Necessary Communion Sets

A Holy Communion has many elements, and thus, also entails plenty of necessary material and tools. There are many kinds of communion sets that are used by people in the clergy in different denominations.

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