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Killing Lions and Bears (2)

Lions – Lion is a very powerful member of the cat family. It is not only strong, fearless, fierce and swift, but extremely carnivorous with very powerful claws and teeth. No animal stands on its way. In fact, it’s well-acknowledged as the king of the animals. Some lions weigh as much as 250 kg (550 lb) and could be as long as 9.8-10.8 ft, like the Barbary lion. Even similar predators run away from it. Only its sight or roaring will always send other animals or humans scampering; the sound, which can be heard from a distance of 8 kilometers. Bears Bears are large doglike mammals of the Ursidae family. They have stocky legs, long snouts, shaggy hair, plantigrade paws with five nonretractile claws, and short tails. They are also very powerful and can weigh up to 750kg. And even with the massive weight, they can run 48 km/h. These are the kind of beasts that the boy David frequently pursued, dislodged, killed and sometimes snatched their prey from their mouths.

Hate And Terror Delivered by God As Judgement Takes Place

Societies breed racial hatred and discrimination that can not be destroyed. Radical groups stir the pot as more peaceful souls leave matters in God’s hands. When the disquiet generated by discontent emerges into conflicts the strength and support for those with the loudest voices hail the first blow.

Kim Jong Un: Number 3 Is Number 1

Why is Kim Jong-Il’s 3rd son now running North Korea? What do we know about him? What should Christians learn and do at this critical time?

Do Mormons Really Believe in the One-And-Only Christ of the Holy Bible?

Is the popular Internet assertion made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church), “Mormons Believe in Christ,” true and correct? Do Mormons believe in the one-and-only Jesus the Christ of the Holy Bible, or do they believe in something not of the Bible, which is pagan and utter Christian heresy? Read on for a treatise on this issue.

Unless – You Will Never!

If you don’t do that particular thing, whatever it is, something else may never happen! We are all familiar with this. Unless you get up in time, you will not make that dental appointment! Unless you take care of yourself, you may lose your health. It applies to a huge number of things. Sometimes ‘unless’ has the thought of ‘you ought to do something!’ When we look at some of Jesus’ teaching we also see this challenge; this is something so vital, you must do it!

Shaved And Shameful: Paul’s Case For The Head Covering

What did a Spirit-filled Apostle say about women covering their head? Why isn’t his word enough?

Last Call: Picking Up the Sword of the Spirit

The notion that Christians are weak, in spite of all the strong promises the Bible gives the believer, is deeply disturbing, and it drives me nuts. It seems to me the world should be shaking in fear when they consider the Christian for each one stands not only with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but also with all the powers of heaven at their disposal.

Has Science Created Life?

When Watson and Crick finally figured out the structure of the DNA molecule, they claimed to have created ‘life’, but science still does not know what life is. However, an ever euphoric media is now making similar claims about the work of Karl Venter. What is the truth of the matter? Is it time to chuck Genesis in the waste bin?

America’s Destiny Must Prevail

America became a beacon of light throughout the world. Through this Nation the gospel has been preached and the Kingdom of God has been advanced. She has built churches, schools, hospitals, and orphanages at home and abroad in the name of Christ. Missionaries from America span the globe. God has blessed America for her goodness. Today her goodness has diminished and America’s destiny is waning.

The Power and Purpose of the Cross Can Change Lives

Just as our power and purpose can be set to do and make amazing things, so is Jesus’ power and purpose. The significance of the Cross in helping us to understand what Jesus did for us is very important.

The Shaved And Shameful Women Of Corinth

The issue of head – coverings for women in today’s church has all but died for lack of interest. As Christian women face their Muslim counterparts, perhaps a stirring of the waters is in order.

Questions of Character

There is evidence supporting our deep appreciation and affection for Character. We seem to embrace it at every opportunity. Why, then, is it so difficult for ordinary people to live by – and demonstrate great Character in the mundane and routine things of life?

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