KILL’EM WITH SILENCE!! (Confronting Public Scrutiny)

Kaddish, The Jewish Mourner’s Prayer, and Aramaic – The Connection

Walking into a synagogue today, you may be surprised to hear the Kaddish being said – not in Hebrew, as you would expect, – but in Aramaic. The Kaddish is not some optional part of the service, rather it plays a significant role, and is a highly prized prayer. It seems strange that it should be in Aramaic.

“Amen!” and Its Huge Payoff

Whoever says Amen, yhei shmei rabbah (Amen, May His great name be blessed in this world and in our worlds) with all their power will find his entire life destiny changed for the good. – Talmud Why? What is so powerful about it?

Why You Should Answer “Amen, Y’Hei Shmei Rabbah” With All Your Power

Looking around the synagogue during the recital of Kaddish, the Jewish mourner’s prayer, you will notice the congregation joining in at certain points. Usually it is to answer “Amen”. At one point we answer “Amen y’hei shmei rabah” etc.

Implicit Faith Has Long Been the Error Falsely Imputed to Professing Covenanters

The Protestant world is so denominated because simply of a solemn protest against Rome’s impious claim to infallibility and cognate invasions of Messiah’s prerogatives. Attach the attribute of infallibility to any of the subordinate standards of our Christian profession, and we are instantly deprived of them all, as a near and necessary consequence.

Historical Testimony: An Inescapable Element of Presbyterian Doctrinal and Confessional Standards

Even our doctrinal standards we received from our fathers through history alone. Now, I desire the reader to see with his own mental eye, that our faith in the genuineness of these doctrinal standards rests solely on human testimony: that is, we believe on the evidence of the generations who have lived before us, that our Confessions, Covenants, etc., are true copies of those documents. But our belief so far is not saving faith – “the faith of God’s elect.” Having these documents handed down to us through history alone, then we compare them with the Bible. Can we perceive their agreement or disagreement without reasoning? No, surely.

Christmas Sermon Outlines – Is It Worth It?

Many times our services that go around our Christmas Sermon Outlines border on spectacle. While this can make for incredible moments it can also lead to incredible headaches. You need to ask yourself the question, “Is it worth it?”

What Has Religion Really Given Us And What Was The Cost?

Are you getting the answers you want from your religion or is it just feeding you line after line about having faith and we are not meant to know that. If you’re not satisfied with what they are telling you I have a suggestion that I’m sure will help you to answer the questions you have.

Why the Kaddish, the Jewish Mourner’s Prayer, is in Aramaic, Not Hebrew

People often wonder why is the Jewish Kaddish in Aramaic? Why is it not Hebrew, as the rest of Jewish prayer is? The obvious answer is most of prayer was recited by the leader, a literate man, and therefore could be in Hebrew, but the Kaddish was recited by mourners, scholar and ignoramus alike.

The Bible Myths Part V

The book of Genesis chronicles a society that began to die 14,000 years ago. This book was so important to those who wrote it at that time, that it was coveted and cared for. The book of Genesis, as do many of the books of the bible, chronicles a time of social division and rebellion and has been interpreted and reinterpreted for thousands of years.

Christmas Story – Facts About The Birth Of Christ

Christmas is more than just holidays, Father Christmas and presents. To celebrate and enjoy the season, one should remember its origins because the real Christmas story is found in the Holy Bible with the Birth of Jesus Christ. The Child, Born that night over two thousand years ago, is the Light of the World, King of Kings and the Son of God. The Christmas Story, of Angels and Mary, a young Jewish girl from Galilee who gave Birth to a King in a humble stable, the simple, hard-working shepherds who came to adore Jesus, the bright Star of Bethlehem and Wise Men who followed it bearing gifts makes the festive season special because the Birth was a miracle and, it gave the world a Savior.

What You Didn’t Know About Jesus Birth?

The Blessed Birth of Jesus Christ is still the most revered and powerful moment even after more than two centuries there is no interesting topic for theology students and none better bedtime story for kids. Here are some interesting things about the arrival of Jesus Christ. The native place of Jesus was Nazareth; this is about 80 miles away form the Bethlehem.

God Is Both Good and Loving and That Is a Problem For Mankind

Everyone loves to talk about how “God is good” and “God is love” without ever recognizing the implications this brings for mankind. This stems from a lack of biblical understanding about the true nature of man, being dead in sin and truly evil. Most people, including people who call themselves Christians, like to think of mankind as inherently good with a little bit of evil showing through every now and then. However, the Bible paints a much different picture. People are inherently sinful and evil, and it is for this reason that “God being good” is a frightening fact.

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