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Blessed Be the Name

I like to listen to praise and worship music. In fact, if I’m listening to music at all, it’s praise and worship. I used to listen to other kinds of music, but several years ago when I got heavily into the Faith movement, I began to understand the power of words.

The World Needs Unity

There are many thoughts. There are many tasks. And life comes, too hard, sometimes. But we have to walk and go our different paths, and share with those we meet on the road, love and smiles and hope.

The Christians Create Their Atmosphere

It is a fervent demand from Christians that we create the atmosphere we want around us. In this vein, we find that the Christian Bible talks to religious Christians very clearly to make us know that we are responsible for most of the things that are happening around and within us. You’ll not do your best until everything around you is giving you strength and pleasure. Your surroundings can affect you emotionally and inspire you to perform or not to perform depending on what it creates on the inside of you.

10 Famous Prayers

“I will heed in your statutes Lord, so I could go forth.” This is an example of a personal prayer. It can come from any prayer book, the Holy Bible, from traditional prayers, and from the religious sector, among others.

Christians Suffer Too

Coming within the description good religious man or woman does not guarantee exemption from suffering. When explored from the Christian religious axis anyone keenly interested would be exposed to this glaring timeless truth. Our effort here is centered on looking at some factual reasons why Christians may suffer.

The Christians Make Choices

One thing that is clearly the best that can happen to a man is the ability together with the grace to be able to make the right choice in life. Most of the time, Christians and non-religious bodies share the common belief that it is God that determines when and where we are born.

Christians on Issues of Self Belief

In virtually every area of human life, the true Christian holds the psychological belief that it is not so much of what people say about you as by your belief about yourself that matters. Put otherwise than this, ‘you are not so much affected by what happens as by your opinion of what happens.’

He Has Risen!

But very early on Sunday morning the women came to the tomb, taking the spices they had prepared. They found that the stone covering the entrance had been rolled aside. So they went in, but they couldn’t find the body of the Lord Jesus.

Studying God’s Word in a Christian Way

You don’t have to search too far before it strikes you that the best platform for Christians to learn to study the word of God is the Holy Bible. To this end, we’ll have to make some references to the holy Book.

The Voice of Blood – A Spiritual Reality

It is common knowledge that people readily avoid what they know and believe to be dangerous or harmful to them and desire or take advantage of what they know and believe to be beneficial to them. This articles addresses one of such things that men find very hard to believe.

Angels Among Men – A Spiritual Reality

Though angels are God’s special messengers or ministering spirits that majorly reside in heaven, yet they are among men and do or carry out various activities for and against men as God directs or assigns to them. Very many people in the world, have either fallen victim of angels’ activities or missed the wonderful blessings of their presence among men as a result of ignorance or disbelief of the reality of the presence and activities of angels among men.

Surrendering All to Jesus Christ – Have You Done it Yet?

People are quick to sing songs to Jesus and say that they love Him and give Him all their lives, but the majority of people who sing such songs have no idea what total surrender to Jesus really looks like. Are you frustrated with this life and want to find God’s purpose in your life and willing to do anything to find God’s will, well this article in for you to read and consider.

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