Kyle Rittnehouse Found Not Guilty On All Charges

The Middleman

Have you ever thought about the role that God wants you to play in the lives of others? God works through people and the sooner we realize that the more the Kingdom will grow.

Worship Teams

What is the purpose of worship teams in a service? Are they a distraction or an asset to true worship?

What Makes America Beautiful – The Song

The poet who wrote the words to “America the Beautiful” penned the poem just as America was descending into a deep depression (1859). Even so, she saw the beauty of the land and the potential of free people to mend their flaws with the help of God.

From Immaturity to Maturity

The direction of a Believer is not sustainable through emotional decisions. Some people are motivated when they witness miracles, but miracles alone should never be the deciding factor in serving the Lord.

Jesus Stands Out Above the Others

Moses must’ve been a very special person. God called him even before he was born.

Bungling or Building?

When I was younger, it was mostly a question of doing before thinking. So, one morning I decided it was quite impossible to shower in such a small shower.

Praying Online

I wonder how many people anticipate answers to their prayers. How many people pray with anticipation?

Your Focus

I’ve mentioned before how addicted I was to the news when I was in business. On the hour, I listened to the news on one station and on the half hour, to another.

No Noise

One’s just chugging along in life until something pushes a stop sign in your face and you come to a standstill with screeching brakes. This is where you’re forced to stop, to take a look at your life and ask whether you are going in the right direction.

Out of the Stream, Under the Tree, Ready to Save

I find something else in verse one. The New KJV helps me: Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus… Three truths jump out: “Holy brethren” refer to holy brothers and sisters as well.

Come on Guys, Focus!

We’ve learnt so many things with the COVID-19 pandemic. I learnt that humans aren’t as much in control as they think.

Prophets Hear What God Is Saying and They Proclaim and Share That Specific Message

The prophets were very ordinary men – but they were given a BURDEN or ORACLE or WORD – which they spoke or preached or proclaimed or shared. The prophet not only spoke for God – but he first had to hear from God. We have to receive before we can give. Let’s take one famous verse – Isaiah Chapter 2 verse 4 – “They shall beat their swords in plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks”. That is outside the United Nations building in New York. But – look at the whole verse – “He shall judge among the nations”. This was sung at Donald Dewar’s funeral – and I remember thinking – these people have not a clue as to what these words mean. The first part of the verse is essential before the second part of the verse can happen! When Jesus walked onto the world’s stage, Jesus preached from Isaiah 61 – and saw the fulfilment of that prophecy in his coming into the world – Luke Chapter 4.

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